Academic seminar on the occasion of Mother Language Day held in Bangkok


An academic seminar was jointly organized by Kasetsart University and Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok on Friday at Kasetsart University campus on the occasion of International Mother Language Day 2023.


In the opening ceremony, The Ambassador of Bangladesh to Bangkok Mohammed Abdul Hye was present as a special guest where Dr. Ladawan Puangchit, Vice President (Academic Affairs) of Kasetsart University and Director of Kasetsart University International College and Dr. Buncha Chinnasri, Deputy Director of Kasetsart University International College were also present.


Bangladesh Ambassador to Thailand Mohammed Abdul Hye mentioned in his remarks that the main source of the vocabulary of both Bangla and Thai languages is Sanskrit. The same source of written form-the Brahmi script is used in both the languages.


Therefore, there is ample scope for further comparative research on Bangla and Thai languages, he added.


The Ambassador emphasized on organizing such academic seminars on a regular basis and assured that the Bangladesh Embassy would come forward for such an endeavor with Kasetsart University in the future.


At the outset, the Deputy Director of Kasetsart University International College Dr. Buncha explained the background of this joint venture of Kasetsart University and Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok.


Moreover, Dr. Puangchit, in her welcome speech, mentioned the ongoing activities between Kasetsart University and the Bangladesh Embassy in Bangkok including specially earmarked scholarships for Bangladeshi graduates in Masters and Post-doctoral programmes.


During the seminar, Dr. Kowit Pimpuang, Associate Professor of Thai Language Department of Kasetsart University, Dr. Sombat Mangmeesukhsiri, Managing Director of the Sanskrit Studies Centre of Silapakorn University and International Mother Language Institute Director General and Dhaka University Communication Disorders department professor Dr. Hakim Arif participated as panelists.


At the end, Maleka Parveen, Minister (Political) and Deputy Head of Mission of the Bangladesh Embassy, expressed her sincere thanks to all the panelists for their enlightening discussions.


Source: United News of Bangladesh