7 lakh bKash customers donate Tk20 crore to 50 organisations

Over the past few years, many people have provided financial aid to charity organisations through bKash especially during Eid and 7 lakh customers have donated Tk20 core to 50 organisations up to now since bKash added the "donation" icon to its app last year.

This new feature enhanced the capacity of the charity organisations to collect donations and enabled the customers to donate more while sitting in the comfort of their home amid this pandemic.

bKash has become a partner to many charity organisations by providing a platform to collect donations for disadvantaged people.

The mobile financial service's donation feature has bridged the gap between recipient and donor.

Through bKash, one can easily give Zakat or make voluntary donations from any part of the country at any time for the needy.

At present, bKash users can donate money to many organisations such as Anjuman Mufidul Islam, Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation, Brac, Center for Zakat Management, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Ek Takay Ahar, Esho Sabai, Bangladesh Liberation War Museum, Mastul Foundation, Mojar School, National Liver Foundation of Bangladesh, Obhizatrik Foundation, Quantum Foundation, Sajida Foundation and Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women-Donation, read a press release.

Source: United News of Bangladesh