1.16 lakh get safetynet allowance in Rajshahi

RAJSHAHI, The district office of Department of SocialServices (DSS) here has disbursed safety net allowance worth over Taka 601.85 crore among 1.16 lakh beneficiaries during the last 10 years.

Some 69,145 people got oldage allowance worth Taka 217.63 crore while

15,227 others with special needs received disabled allowance of Taka 40.12


Each of the ageold beneficiaries got Taka 600 and the person with special

needs Taka 700 per month from their respective accountholding banks.

We disbursed Taka 210.74 crore among 26,915 divorced and other women

repressed by their husband, said Rashedul Kabir, deputy director of DSS,

adding that 2,404 freedom fighters were given allowance worth Taka 132.10


Some 195 transgender people got special oldage allowance Taka 15.54 lakh

while 225 bede population were given similar type of allowance worth Taka

17.53 lakh.

Besides, 1,935 physically challenged students were given education sub

stipend worth around Taka 20.53 crore for their institutional education. One

hundred and 54 transgender students also got allowance worth around Taka 6.74


Rashedul Kabir says the beneficiaries have been getting their respective

allowance timely through their own bank accounts. The government has taken

many steps including oldage allowance for the welfare of poor people to

help them passing their days without difficulty.

Considering their vulnerable condition, the government has increased their

oldageallowance and also number of beneficiaries from the current fiscal,

he said.

Transgender people have started getting skill development training here for

improving their living and livelihood condition.

The DSS organized a 50day training for them in its regional training

centre early this year. The training will help the extremely excluded

population free from being subjected to repression, discrimination and

negligence in every spheres of their life.

Rashedul Kabir said the government is very much positive towards making the

hijra and dalit communities selfreliant through income generating


The government has given importance to ensuring fundamental rights

especially the health, social and legal rights of the transgender people for

uplifting their living and livelihood condition.

Mohona Sarker, president of Diner Alo Hijra Society, said the society, as a

whole, should come forward with a positive attitude toward the extreme

socially excluded people for their coexistence in society with decent


Being rejected by families, many grew up hating their bodies, and fall

victim to depression, drug addiction, violence and suicide, she added.

Mohona said general people have a very narrow mindset regarding genderless

people and they should change their mentality.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)