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Youths’ participation in global climate discussions demanded

Speakers at a webinar here demanded an effective participation of the young people in the climate discussions including COP 26 as the climate change adversely impacts their life, livelihood and health.

ActionAid Bangladesh arranged the webinar titled `Climate Justice: Capturing Youth Voice from Global South in the Context of Pandemic’ with participation of young people from Asia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe, alongside Bangladeshi youths.

Youth climate champions and activists from the various countries raised their voice against the limited or no spaces for them in various global decision-making platforms including COP26.

“The young people around the globe want to take the COP26 as an opportunity to raise their issues to the global leadership. But the young people are worried that the COP26 is not going to be participatory because of the Covid-19 vaccination issue,” said Farah Kabir, Country Director of ActionAid Bangladesh, at a video message.

She said the COP would not be meaningful without participation of the young generation who are the future of the world.

Nahim Razzaq MP said now climate change is evident and has emerged as a great problem for the world. Climate change is man-made and the people are responsible for it, he said.

The young parliamentarian said all the countries need to follow the Paris Agreement to ensure a decent eco-system for the betterment of the world.

Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) in Bangladesh, emphasised on action rather than advocacy related to climate issues. “Advocacy is good, but it is not enough. Advocacy alone no longer can be sufficient,” he said.

He said action should be initiated locally first and spread globally.

Climate activist Saila Sobnom Richi from `Youth Net for Climate Justice Bangladesh’ presented her experiences on the vulnerability of young people amid COVID-19 pandemic with respect to climate change.

Young climate Activists Shreya K.C (Nepal), Disha Ravi (India), Eric Damien (Kenya), Neeshad Shafi (Qatar), Jon Bonifacio (Philippines), Manuel Vásquez (Guatemala), Maria Reyes (Mexico), Laksh Sharma (India), Khun Thet Paing (Myanmar), Joainta Babirye (Uganda) shared their thoughts and experiences over the climate justice and actions.

Rebecca Sultana, founder of Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS) and member of ActionAid International Bangladesh Society (AAIBS) general assembly inaugurated the event as a chair, said a press release.

Source: United News of Bangladesh