Writ seeks ban on sale of Liberation War firearms

A writ petition was filed with the High Court (HC) on Sunday seeking a ban on the sale of firearms which were used during the Libaration War of the country in 1971.

Supreme Court Lawyer ZI Khan Panna and Ain o Salish Kendra filed the writ petition.

Secretaries of Defence Ministry, Finance Ministry, Liberation War Ministry and Commerce Ministry were made respondents to the writ.

A report of Daily Prothom Alo stating that government wants to sell firearms of the Liberation War was also attached with the petition.

The writ also sought a HC rule seeking explanation why selling firearms should not be declared illegal.

It also sought preservation of the arms for future generations.

The report said Importers from the United States and Switzerland are interested in buying firearms as antique souvenirs.

According to Export Policy 2018-21, Bangladesh has no scope of exporting old or new arms as the country follows ‘everything but arms’ policy for export, the newspaper report said.

Prime Minister’s Office, Armed Forces and Defence Ministry have been trying to come up with a solution over the matter for past few years, it added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh