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When to See a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist or a dietitian is a person who can direct others towards a healthier lifestyle by selecting the right nutrients that will improve their metabolism and digestion. Everyone wants to have a healthy meal that will cater to their personalized needs of nutrients. But with so much information pouring in from all directions, it can be quite a challenge to “eat right.” This is when one should seek help from a registered nutritionist.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why one should consult a dietitian.

To manage blood sugar, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions

There are some chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases or even high cholesterol which require constant monitoring and management. Since these diseases are closely associated with dietary restrictions, seeking the help of a nutritionist is highly recommendable.

A skilled dietitian can help the patient with a dietary chart consisting of food to serve their individualized need of nutrients that can not only manage these diseases but also can improve their current conditions.

To lose or gain weight

Weight gain or weight loss requires extensive research as a slight imbalance can push the body towards malnutrition or obesity. These can be pretty challenging owing to how different it is for each person. No two people lose or gain weight in the same way. Thus, in order to preserve the body’s dietary balance, it is essential to take help from someone who has reliable knowledge in this field. In this case, a dietitian can prepare a meal chart that can help people reach their desired weight goals without having to compromise on the nutrition they need.


Pregnancy brings forth a variety of changes in a woman’s body. During this time, a woman does not only take food for herself, but she also has to ensure proper nutrition for the child inside of her. Naturally, this calls for some attention to the kind of food she is taking.

To secure such a diet which can provide the necessary nutrients for both the mother and the child, the advice of a nutritionist is vital. Apart from this time during pregnancy, the consultation of a dietitian is also essential after the pregnancy during the post- partum period to facilitate breastfeeding and post- partum health.

Digestive problems

Signs of digestive problems include frequent diarrhea, constipation, acidity, irregular bowel movement etc. People who suffer from these constantly might take it as a normal part of their digestion. But they need to understand that it is not and this requires immediate attention from a registered dietitian.

A nutritionist can specify a list of food for such patients to control and improve their digestive issues. With proper management and restriction of certain food items, these conditions can even be brought to normal.

Mood Issues

Mood disorders can be referred to as anxiety, depression, panic, ADHD etc. With the interconnection between the mind and the body, if anything goes down with the body, it automatically affects the soundness of mind. Hormones like Cortisol or stress hormones are released in the body when a person suffers from various types of mood issues.

When to see nutritionist?

The production of these hormones is closely related to the nutrient intake of the body as the body produces what it takes. Because of this, people who are more prone to suffering from mood disorders are also more inclined to have a disproportionate nutrient intake. Such people are suggested to take help from a nutritionist to enhance the quality of their physical and mental health.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia or even binge eating require to be treated with expertise as these can deteriorate one’s health. People who have been diagnosed with such issues should seek help from a nutritionist to revive their physical health from the brink of malnutrition.

In such cases, a dietitian can understand what food can fill in the nutrient gap of a person’s body and recommend food items that would be more or less easy for the person to take. Therefore, these patients should definitely consult someone with a certification in nutrition.

Food Allergy

Some people are allergic to certain food items but they are not aware of the food that causes it. A certified dietitian can pinpoint the food item that is the cause of a food allergy. They can also help the person understand what else might cause a similar reaction and how to avoid those foods in particular.

Some people might even be allowed to take a restricted amount of the food that causes them allergy, keeping it in check so that it does not create an allergic reaction. Hence, it is important to seek a dietitian’s counsel if one suspects of having some form of food allergy.

To be more energetic

It becomes normal for some people to go through bouts of fatigue even though they have had a good amount of sound sleep. They lack the stamina to do regular activities and always tend to feel groggy. To improve their energy levels, they might need to take certain food items that would cater to their specified requirement of restoring stamina and energy.

A lack of stamina can also indicate issues related to hormones. Whatever it is, a nutritionist can help the person to understand what is deficient in their body and can guide them to taking the right food with the right nutrients to restore energy.

Hormonal Issues

Hormonal issues can be identified by a number of symptoms like excessive weight gain, irregular menstruation, a lack of sex drive, low mood, fatigue etc. These issues can disrupt a person’s day to day life and thus should be paid immediate attention to. These imbalances occur when a certain hormone is either being produced in excess or is not being generated enough.

To treat these imbalances, a person should take the advice of a dietitian because he/ she can lead them to taking the correct nutrients that can relieve them from all these symptoms restoring their hormonal balance.

Better meal planning

A better and healthier meal planning can be reason enough to go see a nutritionist as it can enhance the quality of one’s lifestyle to a great extent. While this might seem like an easy task as there is no end to all the recommendations and advice on a better lifestyle on the internet, people tend to get confused with the variety of information.

In this case, a reliable source of such knowledge can be found in a visit to the nutritionist who can personalize a diet chart for an individual specially catering to the needs of their body.

Source: United News of Bangladesh