What should Bangladeshi students pack and bring with them to Western Countries?

When you are about to move abroad, chances are your mind will go on overdrive with all the things you need to do. There is no doubt that moving away from home is going to be an exciting time, but it can also be quite stressful. And that is why we tend to stay in a puzzle about the things we need to take with us. Here is the list of stuff you can bring from Bangladesh while moving to many western countries.

Things Bangladeshi Students Should Bring in Western Countries


Most of the electronics items for regular usage are cheap in western countries, especially phones and laptops. It is because of the duties and high import tax. However, if you already own a phone and laptop, you should bring them with you. But, if you want to buy a new one, it is recommended that you purchase it from the country you are going to. Those who bring laptops from the country will bring a three-pin converter because the charger plug of Bangladesh cannot be inserted in western countries.

Nevertheless, you should definitely bring a power bank, calculator, portable hard disk, pen drive, and multiplug. Make sure you buy a three-pin American converter for Bangladeshi electronic items’ plugs.


Although the clothing item depends on the location, you are going to. Since you are going to western countries, you can assume that you will face cold weather, and it is more or less for almost all the western countries.

Take a few pairs of jeans. There is no need to bring too many shirts on as you will need them for official programs only. You can bring two or three to wear to university presentations or formal events. Take 5-6 t-shirts so that you can wear them for at least one year. However, most of the time, you may need to wear hoodies over your t-shirts. So, taking a few hoodies as a hoodie over a t-shirt is a very common outfit in western countries.

The weather in Bangladesh and another part of the world is not the same. Most of their clothes are made breathable, which means that if you wear those clothes in winter, you will not feel cold, but you will not sweat. In Bangladesh, you can buy a lot of clothes for a low price that will keep you warm, but at the end of the day, they will make you sweaty hot. So, it is recommended not to buy winter clothes from Bangladesh. However, you may bring a few clothes for fall and spring.

Pajamas, lungi, saree, salwar kameez, etc., are more expensive abroad, so take them with you as needed. And yes, take Punjabi to wear at the Baishakh or Falgun festival. Otherwise, you will have to regret it. Buy undergarments according to your taste and take them with you as they are more expensive. However, there is no need to bring a jacket as the winter jacket will not suit. Buy mufflers, socks, hats, gloves made of thick wool. Also, don’t forget to buy a thermal inner. Also, bring a wallet and belt.


You can only buy summer sneakers. It is not recommended to buy any shoes for winter from Bangladesh. But you should take at least a pair of slippers. When it comes to buying socks, you can buy either from Bangladesh or abroad. But it is recommended to buy enough socks for at least six months.

Household and Kitchen Items

In fact, it is difficult to carry many essential household items because of their weight and size. Wherever you go, you will be living with your roommate. So, consult with your roommate and buy items there and share the items.

However, if there is enough space in the luggage, you can take a flat-bottomed fry pen. These can also be purchased from Amazon or Walmart or at many local shops, and prices are not that much higher. The best decision is to buy spoons, mugs, glasses, dishes, bowls, knives, handwash, sweeping utensils, etc., abroad from a dollar store (one dollar per item). This will reduce a lot of suffering and will also cost.

Carry a list of small items such as comb, small mirror, needle thread, safety pin, pillow cover, bedsheet, towel, folding umbrella, screw, screwdriver, etc. If you can’t sleep without a cotton pillow, make some space in your luggage to bring one with you. Pillows abroad are made with foam.

Spices are very expensive abroad, and it is difficult to find Bengali spices without Indian shops. You can bring packaged spices in check-in luggage. Further, buy all kinds of spices for at least one year. Additionally, don’t forget to bring readymade spices for chicken, beef, biriyani, etc.

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Medicines and First Aid

Take medicine for fever, headache, upset stomach, and cold. These medicines are expensive abroad. Also, don’t forget to take Band-Aid and Savlon Cream.

In most cases, students do not have dental and eye insurance in some countries like the USA. Teeth and eye treatment is much higher abroad. There are a lot of chances of getting dental problems by eating sugary food abroad. So before leaving Bangladesh, it is recommended to do all kinds of treatment of teeth and eyes.

Special Note for Girls

If anyone has a habit of wearing ornaments (clay, imitation, beads, metal earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, etc.), then it would be wise to buy from Bangladesh. Jewelry items are a bit expensive abroad. If you want to dye or color your hair, you should do it from Bangladesh, and these are quite expensive in western countries.

Bring sanitary pads for the first two or three months. In these two-three months, you will understand which product is suitable for you. Bring a few sets of Bengali dresses like sari, blouse, petticoat, salwar kameez, fatwa, etc., so that you can wear them at the festival. Also, bring a box of safety pins.

If you are fond of tying hair in different styles, then bring punch clips of different sizes and styles. You won’t find punch clips abroad as cheap as in the country.

When it comes to buying cosmetic items such as make-up, lipstick, eyeliner, and others, you should not buy them from Bangladesh. In abroad you will find authentic items at an affordable cost. It doesn’t make sense to buy fake products from Bangladesh at a price.

Final Words

So far we have discussed what What to take with you is different depending on the country you are moving to. But the items we have mentioned here are the most important and common ones. You can make your list according to your requirements.

Source: United News of Bangladesh