What is the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

Programming is a word that usually gets associated with computer science and engineering. Many people think that it is an exclusive subject of the engineering discipline. The reality is far different though. In recent times, programming has emerged as a highly sought-after technical skill. Anyone can develop a knack for programming with the right approach and problem-solving skills. The skill of programming guarantees high-paying jobs, even if a person is from a different discipline. The skill is also in high demand as freelancing. Interested in getting into programming? What is the best programming language to get started with? Let’s have a look.

Top 6 Programming Language fo the Beginners

There is no easy answer to this. The truth is every programming language serves a specific purpose and is often equally useful. If a person is looking for something easy to start with, they should go with Python. Want to become a master programmer? C is the way to go. Want to develop cool applications? Java would be the right choice. There are several programming languages and the choice essentially depends on the target of the learner. For convenience, here are a few detailed takes on some of these languages in no particular order.


Starting the list off with python, the easiest of all the programming languages out there. It is easy, fun, and has a diverse range of applications in the development field. The ML has enabled python to bypass complex syntaxes and made programming as easy as writing English sentences. It is a perfect choice for beginners as they get to watch and learn rather than ponder over minute intricacies.

Whether it is web development, software development, or GUI, python is the go-to option. So for people wanting to start web development freelancing with programming, python should be the first choice. Notable websites like Spotify and Instagram were developed using python. There are some great videos on python on YouTube. In addition to that, there is Learn Python and Code academy for a free interactive learning experience.


C# is undoubtedly one of the toughest programming languages out there. So why should someone consider learning C#? Well, the reason is pretty obvious. Almost every other language needs to be implemented using the C#. Learning C# makes learning other languages a cakewalk.

C# is the perfect starting point for those looking to invest in the long term with programming. If the end goal is to become a programming professional, there is no better option than C#. C# takes on the intricate web development and software development with complex and intricate functions.

Learn C is a great place to get hold of the basics of C. ED X also offers several paid and free courses on different domains of C#. Programiz is also a fun interactive website to learn C#. All of their lessons are backed up with ample practice and examples for truly immersive learning.


Java tops the chart of programming language demand-wise. It is an object-oriented language that features several tools and options. The high functionality of the language enables it to be used cross-platform and, on any device, regardless of the OS.

The flexible nature of the language easily makes it one of the highly demanded programming languages out there. And it pays very well too. Renowned companies like Amazon, Facebook, IBM hire people with expertise in Java for product and application development. In short, Java is the perfect choice for people looking to build a high-paying career in programming.

Code Academy has an interactive course on java. Udemy also has an introductory course on Java. It takes the participant through the basics of Java and how to get started with it.

Source: United News of Bangladesh