Wedding: Renowned Bangladeshi Fashion Brands with a Bridal Line

Marriage. Although the word is short, its meaning is detailed. The task of uniting four hands is not easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a wealthy person or not, and a wedding contains a lot of tension. The riskiest of these is shopping. The shopping will be in the country or abroad, and it depends on the measure of finances.

Most of the wealthy people go abroad for wedding shopping, while there are some people who have confidence in local products. And there are some designers who try their best to provide extraordinary bridal attire for the locals.

However, whether the wedding shopping is in the country or abroad, more importance is given to the bridal costumes. Keeping that in mind, we have listed the most popular fashion brands for bridal attires in Bangladesh.

Top Wedding Dress Fashion Brands in Bangladesh in 2022


After contributing to the country’s fashion for more than 15 years, Vasabi has become one of the top choices for brides. Although they had a bridal section from the beginning, they started a new product line for the wedding collection in 2017. In Vasabi, shoppers are getting products of all brands under one roof. Brides can choose from Sari, three-piece, and lehenga of various designs imported from Kolkata, Mumbai, and Benares. For those who want to get a little tasteful product, Vasabi is the perfect place. All the products of the best brands in the world have already been brought to Vasabi Shopping Mall.

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Normally, a little more attention is paid to the bride’s attire at the wedding. And Mayasir by Maheen Khan is exactly working on that. Mayasir’s owner Maheen Khan is famous as a pioneer in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, Mayasir’s wedding is also well known for years. The fashion house Mayasir contains some unique wedding outfits. Saris at Mayasir are made on fabrics and handicrafts, and the prices depend on work.

Dressy Dale

Today’s brides are much more fashion-conscious. Everyone wants a unique identity on their wedding day. It is a little difficult to find that variety in the color of the wedding dress like red, brown, or gold. So, brides are taking this variety of wedding dress colors quite simply. Dressy Dale always provides unique designs for bridal dresses. Dressy Dale started their journey in Bangladesh in 1997. Since then, they have been contributing to Bangladesh’s fashion industry.


Nabila is Bangladesh’s premier fashion house which specializes in apparel for men, women, and children. While they offer all types of dresses, Nabila also has a different line for bridal costumes. Sari, Lehenga, or Gown have elegant collections for all types of brides. You can see their collection at and also check their Facebook page at for the latest updates. Currently, they have three stores at Dhanmondi, Gulshan, and Uttara.


Wedding shopping is very important. Everyone tries to get dressed in marriage with the trend. In that case, fashion houses have come forward as consultants in its continuity. And Aarong is a trusted name when it comes to a wedding collection. They have some elegant sari collections for brides. Every year Aarong brings out a unique collection for all types of brides.

Prem’s Collections

Launched in 2018, Prem’s Collection has become a household name for upper-class citizens. Prem’s Collection’s director and chief designer Prem Bombani exclusively designed all the wedding costumes for the brides. The wedding dresses include a sari, lehenga, gown, etc. Everyone wants the wedding sari or lehenga to be exclusive. This is a dream for every bride. Hence, the wedding sari or lehenga at Prem’s Collection is made by many skilled hands to weave this memorable dream.

AF Wedding Line

AF Wedding Line is a new name for Bangladeshi brides. Fashion designer Afsana Ferdousi started her journey in late 2020 with AF Wedding Line. Afsana tries to tell stories through her bridal designs. She made the wedding dresses from the embroiderers of Jessore. Six women embroiderers are involved in this process. Each item is handmade, including clothing labels. Matching masks and purses are also being given along with the clothes.


Safia Sathi is one of those who are working on wedding dresses. She has almost a decade of experience in this field and portrays unique bridal costumes through her own brand, ‘Safiya.’ The country’s fabric is being used in its dress, and the history-tradition-culture of the country is also coming up along with various designs in the dresses. Safiya designs her wedding dresses on natural fabrics as she is environmentally conscious. So far, she has used Rajshahi silk fabric the most. Depending on the budget, her designs are also made in muslin and jamdani.

Butterfly by Shagufta

Butterfly by Sagufta is a familiar name to those who are obsessed with fashion and modeling. Its costumes attract the attention of ordinary people as well as model stars. Due to the variety of colors and designs, the models appeared at various events wearing the outfits of the organization. Their exclusively designed wedding dresses are also well known to classy people.

KIARA By Preeti Modi

Founder of KIARA, Pretti Modi, was born in Bangalore in India. She Moved to Bangladesh in 2013 with her husband Ashish Modi with an aim to open up a fashion house. Later their dream came true in 2018 when they set up Kiara. Kiara is an exclusive shop for bridal collections. They made their dresses using Bangladeshi and Indian materials. 28 karigars currently work for KIARA to make those wedding dresses.

Final Words

Marriage is a small word, but its depth is as extensive as it is organized. The wedding ceremonies and festivities in our country are very joyous. The formality and norms of wedding might differ depending on the rules of respective religions, societies, and communities. There are differences between the bride’s attire and accessories. In this article, we have discussed some of the notable wedding dress fashion brands in Bangladesh. You can pick the best bridal attire for your big day as per your choice, tradition and budget.

Source: United News of Bangladesh