Vivo showcases tech trends for 2022

Vivo announced a series of technological advancements that will shape 2022 at its recently concluded Vivo Developer Conference, showing strengths in system performance, application services, IoT and industry opportunities.

To enhance computing performance that allows better smoothness and increases the efficiency of power consumption, vivo has designed computing engines including a high real-time computing engine, intelligent scheduling computing engine and high-speed data-chasing-loading computing engine. Zhou Wei, vice-president of vivo and head of vivo Artificial Intelligence Global Research Institute, introduced them at the event.

Also, vivo has invested in innovation to enhance memory management efficiency and performance. The company optimised an independent virtual cache unit to ensure comprehensive management of the system resident memory life cycle, application memory allocation, and DRAM and SoC internal cache.

There are multiple times consumers face an issue with signals and poor network connection in their smartphones. Being a handheld device, smartphones face signal obstruction due to some postures. Vivo’s latest innovation, Unique Antenna RF Design, will solve such signal obstructions faced by the users.

In addition, AI technology can identify when the Wi-Fi signal is weak. The system can intelligently select the best network to ensure a better internet experience, largely reducing the freezing rate when encountering weak Wi-Fi signals.

Vivo’s IoT ecosystem is also empowered by its technological advancement that upgrades and optimises the connection of devices, the efficiency of data flow, and quick apps, offering a more enjoyable smart home experience to users.

Source: United News of Bangladesh