Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Let Them Feel Loved

Married couples can hardly enjoy Valentine’s Day without buying gifts for their adorable children! Valentine’s Day is special to kids also. You can surprise your kids or grandkids with fun gifts on this particular day. It will give them the chance to feel how special they are to you! If you are still confused about which gifts suit your kids, check out these cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for children.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Teddy Bear

No doubt every child loves Teddy Bear. A teddy Bear of any size – small, medium, or large – could be your best choice as a Valentine day gift for your favorite kid. Bears are really nice to look at. Your child will love having them by the bedside. You can buy a small size bear for your kid aged 2-5 years. Your little one will love spending time with this soft teddy bear. Children like the company of teddy bears. They enjoy talking with bears when they are alone.

A Set of Heart-Shaped Pillows

A Set of Heart-Shaped Pillows can be your suitable Valentine’s Day gift for your lovely kid. This gift will be suited for children aged 6-10 years old. You can encourage your children to beautify their room by giving them these pillows. They can keep these pillows on their bed sides. These heart-shaped pillows can add color and beauty even to the dullest of rooms. Your kids will love to lap these cozy pillows while they sleep. The siblings can also play with these soft pillows by throwing at each other.

Heart-Shaped Candies (Red and Pink)

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and your children are the ones you deserve love the most! Which children don’t love candies? The colorful, tasty and beautiful candies will surprise the kids. These mouth-watering heart-shaped candies can double up both as gifts and as dinner-time treats on February 14. So, if your budget is low, you can easily buy this gift for your kids and your kids will also love this gift very much.

Colour Pencils with Nice Case

How is it if you give a color set for your little artists? It would be great! Isn’t it? Make sure the set is good in quality and your children feel comfortable using it. The color of the case is also a special thing to consider. Don’t forget to choose the case color the color your children like most so that your kid becomes excited to see the case at first.

If the child loves the gift, at first sight, it will start drawing with these color pencils. Thus, children tend to show their creativity as a return gift. After all, Valentine’s gift for your son or daughter needs to contribute to repressing bad moods and chaos as well!

Exotic Chocolates with Interspersed Hearts

Valentine’s Day without chocolates, No way! A red heart shape is the most special thing on Valentine’s Day. So, make sure to give a pack that has red or pink hearts hidden among the other chocolates. If you have more than one kid, make sure you give all the kids separate packs otherwise you want catfights!


Try to guess who maybe your kid’s Valentine? Little kids will surely love puppets. So, you can pick Puppets as the Valentine’s Day gift for your baby boy or girl. Different types of fascinating puppets are available in the markets. You can take a trendy one according to the choice of your kid. This is a long-lasting gift so your kid will love to play with it even when Valentine’s Day is over.

Box of Fairy Tales

Do you want to get your kids to love books? You must do so. Reading books is one of the best habits to increase knowledge and enrich skills. You can grow these awesome habits in your kids by giving books as gifts. As Valentine day gift you can give your children a box of fairy tales. Fairy tales can actually be very useful in stimulating creativity, visual skills, and general propensity towards reading. You can choose popular children’s classics for your lovely kids. You can buy this as a gift for your preschoolers that will also help them with cognitive and linguistic development. For older children, you buy series books like school stories or general awareness books.

Jewelry Boxes

Valentine’s Day is always connected with bibelots to represent love. Every woman loves a jewelry box to keep their lovely ornaments. This is true for your little girl also. She will love getting a jewelry box of her own to store her valuable articles. Remember, little one loves colorful something. So, choose the colorful one. You can also gift your daughter a homemade one. But in the case of homemade ones make sure you use cardboard, artificial pearls, and sparkle colors to make this jewelry box spectacular for your daughter.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Candy Hearts

We cannot think of festive occasions without bakery products. You will find this product in any bakery. You can try out some tasty palatable Valentines like heart-shaped stained glass cookies at home also. If you buy from a store, make sure they have candy hearts. These small but delicious gifts can make your children happy and blessed.

Color Water Bottle

A water bottle is an essential product your kid as it is required at home or outside especially at school. So, you can give this necessary item as Valentine’s Day gift to your kid that works two in one. Colorful and food-grade water bottles are available in the markets. You can pick the ones with funny cartoons or magical scenarios depending on your kid’s personal preference.

Bottom Line

Valentine’s Day is more about doing fun things with kids that show how much you care about them. Children also love to create Valentine’s Day cards for their parents, relatives, friends and dear ones. So, a simple but lovely gift from your end can make them jolly. You needn’t spend a large amount of cash on a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your dear kid. In this article, we have discussed 10 awesome ideas that will help you to find nice, funny and classic valentine gift for your lovely kids.

Source: United News of Bangladesh