Ulama Mashayekh urges govt. to reopen Qawmi madrasas

National Ulama Mashayekh Aimma Parishad on Tuesday demanded an immediate reopening of all Qawmi madrasas on humanitarian ground.

At a press conference here, Allama Nurul Huda Fayezi, Central President of the National Ulama Mashayekh Aimma Parishad, explained why it wants the madrasas to reopen even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said “Qawmi Madrasa provides education as well as accommodation and food to the students. As a result, Qawmi Madrasa contributes to the creation of educational institutions as well as social security belts.

Referring to the corona-induced sufferings of the students Allama Nurul Huda said “It is inhumane to shut down the food and accommodation of lakhs of students at such a moment.”

“Considering all these humanitarian and social conditions, I am strongly demanding to ensure accommodation and food for millions of students, orphans and helpless people by opening all Qaumi Madrasas in the country” he added.

“We urge the government to immediately open all Qawmi madrasas, respecting the education of unadulterated teachers and considering their humanitarian aspect,” he added.

The organization called for reopening of all educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities in phases.

The platform urged the government to appoint religious teachers in all primary schools for teaching Holy Quran.

It also demanded fair price of sacrificial animal’s hides and also to fix the employment rules and salary structure of one million imams, muezzins and Khadems of about 3 lakh mosques in the country.

Held at Sagar-Runi Hall of Dhaka Reporters’ Unity the press conference was attended by

Shaykhul Hadith Maulana Hemayetullah Qasemi, Maulana Yunus Dhali, Maulana Kamal Uddin Siraj, Mufti Ashraf Ali Noori, Mufti Wali Ullah, Maulana Mortuza Qasemi, Mufti Akhtaruzzaman, Maulana Lokman Hossain Jafri, Maulana Rafiqunnabi Haqqani, Maulana Shahjahan Habibi and Maulana Basir Mahmud snd Central General Secretary Maulana Gazi Ataur Rahman.

Source: United News of Bangladesh