UCB to organize free workshop on digital skills with Monash College Australia

Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), the exclusive partner of Monash College, Australia, will arrange a free student development workshop for Bangladeshi students.

The workshop titled ‘Digital Skills for a Great Career and Higher Education’ will be conducted on July 30, from 11 am to 12 pm and the attendees will receive a joint certificate of participation from Monash College and UCB.

The virtual workshop on the zoom platform will be conducted by Dr. Shannon Rios, Manager, Education Strategy, Learning and Teaching, Monash College Diplomas, Monash College.

The facilitator will shed light on different topics such as digital literacy (adaptability and comfortability in digital space), higher education expectations (Moodle, online classes) and future digital skills (3D printing, app development, web design) etc.

This expert-curated online workshop is an endeavor from Universal College Bangladesh to enlighten the learners about myriads of digital skills that will help them excel in their careers and succeed in higher education.

UCB is an STS Group venture. Dr. Sandeep, Group CEO of STS Group said, “This workshop will definitely be an exciting opportunity for those who want to remain ahead of the times by acquiring time-befitting digital skills.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh