Two injured in IU officers’ factional clash

At least two people were injured in a factional clash between two groups of officers over placing floral wreaths marking the 50th Victory Day at Islamic University in Kushtia on Wednesday.

The injured were identified as Abraham Linkon, an employee of Begum Khaleda Zia Hall and Saleh Akram Akul, a member of IU Assistant Technical Employee Association.

Campus sources said a group of officers led by Abdul Hannan and another group led by Walid Hasan Mukut, Ukil Uddin, Selim and Aziz locked into an altercation over placing floral wreaths wearing shoes at IU Mukta Bangla around 11am.

Later, the two groups swooped on each other. Clashes broke out over the issue and at one stage Linkon and Akul were injured.

Azizul and Selim threatened several journalists who were taking footage and photos of incident.

Later, Selim and Azizul apologised for threatening journalists.

IU Proctor Professor Paresh Chandra Barman said that a team of proctorial body tried to bring the situation under control but they failed.

A faction of IU Officers’ Association demanded immediate punishment of the accused involved in the incident.

Source: United News of Bangladesh