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Tps and Tricks to Increase YouTube Subscribers organically

Youtube has been around for more than a decade, but there hasn’t been a time quite like now to get started on creating your own channel. In the infancy stages of Youtube, video content was merely an option for the public to upload engaging content from their everyday lives. Now, video content is a staple on the internet; with the likes of Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter offering this feature. With a good understanding of your audience and savviness in video presentation – here is how you can easily increase Youtube Subscribers organically.

How to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel?

Knowing What Your Channel Is For

This is the first step every content creator should take when getting started. Before understanding the type of people you want to subscribe to your channel, identifying the brand of your channel is incredibly important.

General content could get lost in the sea of videos uploaded on the platform daily, so finding a niche is a good way to enhance your chances of gaining exposure. Whether it is in a type of cooking, art, or music, finding a specific angle that isn’t normally covered will encourage viewers to share your videos of those within the community – overall improving your organic reach.

Knowing Your Audience

After deciding on a theme, the next step is to understand the type of people who would most likely subscribe to your channel. Thankfully, the internet is filled to the brim with information. Places like Youtube comment sections, forums and analytics done by other content creators in the same field as you will give you a better understanding of the do’s and don’t. It could range from the angle of your topic in a particular video to the presentation of your videos.

For example, if you aim to review music of a certain genre, the artist and song being reviewed should be known to the general audience within the demographic. If the band is not properly known, it will be difficult for the audience to proactively click on the video or share it with his or her friends because the topic of review has no impact on them.

This applies to other topics as well like types of food being cooked, types of business models that are most likely to succeed or fail, or even types of books to purchase. The good news is that it takes a quick google search to give you a strong indication of the latest trends and topics viewers have their eyes set on at the point of time.

Set A Standard For Video Quality

One of the biggest deterrent of consumers on video platforms is poor video quality. The one product content creators produce on Youtube should be worth the watch – and muffled sound or low resolution displays are massive deal-breakers.

When Youtube first started, anyone could upload their content ad hoc and had a way to share their experiences with the online community: but in this current day and age, content creators are backed by companies, advertisers and sponsors who place emphasis on video quality to get revenue. This may seem intimidating at first, but if creating a channel is more of a passion project than anything else, monetisation should be the least of your concerns for now.

Depending on how your topics are covered, aspects like background music, voice-overs and cut outs require a cohesive flow that doesn’t take the audiences out of the content that is being presented. This goes to the other end of the spectrum as well; if your videos have too many effects and editing, there is always a risk of clutter that will make it difficult for viewers to focus on one thing in that particular video.

Ultimately, video creators have a style of their own, and when it’s your turn to churn them out – creating uniqueness will do well for your channel just as long as the quality isn’t objectively poor or riddled with gimmicks.

Thumbnails And Titles

These two go hand in hand with video quality as it is an extension to your channel and brand. Eye-catching thumbnails that are informative, unique and consistent tend to be better at catching the eyes of viewers or people recommended to your channel by the Youtube algorithm.

Whether your tone is humorous or informative, having a thumbnail does wonders for your brand’s identity, which gives people a better time browsing through your playlists and finding a video (or even series) they could enjoy.

Titles work with thumbnails as the so-called “bait’ to reel in your audiences before they even get to see the quality of your content. Before deciding on whether they like your videos, there has to be an incentive to click on them in the first place.

Title phrasing has a massive role in this phase of your marketing, and alluring titles are tricky to get right. On one hand, keywords define the exposure of your video in the first place via the way your title is phrased, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t be too generic to the point where it gets lost in the mix among your competitors.

Don’t Try Too Hard To Get Subscribers

One of the most annoying things that consumers find in videos is when content creators go on about liking and subscribing to their content. The subscriber system serves as a transparent metric to determine how “popular” one’s channel is, but consumers generally won’t hesitate to engage in videos that don’t have a ton of following – just as long as it is interesting.

Consumers are becoming wiser and can sniff out “click-bait titles” easily, and comment sections along with social media posts can tarnish a company’s image if they have “sold out” their originality for the sake of getting sponsors and advertisers.

Your brand is based on your knowledge and expertise of the topic that you have chosen. If that caters to a community that isn’t in the millions, that’s perfectly fine. The most crucial thing at the end of the day is to ensure that your content is consistent.

Subscription is a commitment to a channel, which means audiences will be doing so, expecting content similar to what they liked in the first place. Of course nothing comes easy, and the responsibility to preserve the balance of keeping the content fresh while holding true to the brand’s identity is a daunting task – but its rewards are well worth it.

Source: United News of Bangladesh