Tp Biscuit and Bakery Companies, Brands in Bangladesh

Biscuits are one of the most common snacks in Bangladesh. It has always been a perfect combination of tea during our evening chat with friends and family. Therefore, over the years, the Bangladeshi biscuits industry has experienced a surge. Currently, it has been growing at a 15% rate annually, and the local biscuit industry worth Tk 5,000 crore to Tk 6,000 crore. However, well-known brands are dominating the market. Apart from the top brands, many area-based bakeries also supply a noticeable number of biscuits to the market. However, we have picked 7 Bangladeshi biscuit and bakery companies that meet the demand for local markets and exports as well.

Top Bangladeshi Biscuit and Bakery Companies

We did an intensive data-driven analysis to make this list. Let’s dive into the brief details of each brand.

Pran Foods Ltd

It came later in the market but became one of the top biscuit brands in Bangladesh. They have a wide range of products in biscuit and bakery items. Pran Foods started its journey with the aim to provide healthy and hygienic food for all classes of people. Usually, Pran manufactures their biscuit and bakery items from locally sourced ingredients.

Pran bakery has a dedicated brand for bakery items. They have launched the ‘All Time’ brand in 2006, which now reached the root level in Bangladesh. The popular Pran biscuits are Bisk Club Funcrack, Bisk Club Masala Rusk, Mama Creamy Crunch, Bisk Club Nice Biscuit, Bisk Club Jeera Bite Biscuit, All Time Cookies, All Time Cookies Biscuits, and more.

Besides, they also manufacture bread, bun, and cake simultaneously. However, the All-Time itself holds 60% of the local market share.

Olympic Industries Limited

Currently, Olympic Industries is one of the largest biscuit manufacturers in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor. However, in the 1980- 90s, there were not enough competitors in this industry. But still, they maintained the quality and became so popular and holds the legacy.

They have been focusing on the consumers’ satisfaction as the customers have a high expectation of Olympic. As a result, they always amaze the loyal customers by offering a new product line. The most popular Olympic biscuits are Energy Plus, Tip, Choco Marie, Nutty, Marie Gold, Coconut, Milk Marie, Pineapple, etc. However, Olympic also manufactures cookies and bakery items, confectionery, and other snack items. Overall, they have seven biscuit product lines, a bakery line, and three confectionery lines.

Nabisco was a highly popular brand in the 80s and 90s. Although it became a privately owned company in 1983, Nabisco was present before Bangladesh got its independence. They mainly produce biscuits, cakes, bread, and confectionary items. In total, Nabisco has 26 different types of biscuits at a low price, which is popular in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

However, Nabisco offers wholesome and tantalizing biscuits for all groups of people. Amongst the 26 variations of the biscuits, Glucose is its core product. Other products they offer are Pineapple Biscuits, Crunchie, Ghee Biscuit, Milk Cream, Elachi, etc.

The core value of Nabisco is its low-price strategy, which helps them to grab lower and lower-middle-class customers.

Haque Food Industries Limited

It is a family-owned business launched in 1947 and since then dominating the market with their Mr. Cookie biscuit. Haque Food Industries deals with food products only, and it is a concern of A.T. Haque. They offer 26 types of biscuits and cookies and three types of confectionary items.

The most popular Haque biscuits are Mr. Cookie, Milk Marie, Chocolate Digestive, Digestive. Mr. Energy, Super Bite, Butter Nutty, etc.

Although Haque Food has a presence in the market for a long time, they could not hold the bigger market share. Currently, they only hold 5% of the market share.

Bangas Limited

Bangas started their journey in 1979. However, they have seen steady growth over the years. They also faced difficulties when more competitors started entering the market. But they managed to survive the decline in 2009 by the establishment of the new manufacturing facility. After they started the production plant, Bangas started a diversified product line. As a result, the company experienced growth again.

Despite the growth, they hold less than a 5% market share. However, they export biscuits in different regions, such as the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The most popular Bangas biscuits are Grand Choice, Pineapple. Mr. Bite, Choco Cream, and more.

Danish Foods Limited

Partex Group owns the Danish Biscuits. Danish has been holding tight market positions through their quality products at a low price. However, they have more than 15 types of biscuits in their product line. Lexus is their flagship biscuits. Apart from Lexus, other biscuits they offer, Doreo, Dry Cake, Toast, Danish Florida Orange, Danish Malai Cookies, Danish Nutri Rich Diabetic, Danish Milk Marie, and more. Nevertheless, Danish holds a 5% market share.

Al-Amin Bread and Biscuits Ltd

Al-Amin Bread and Biscuits is another top competitor in the market. Although Al-Amin does not emphasize marketing, they hold a 5% market share. However, the company experienced growth with Al-Amin pineapple biscuits. Apart from this, they also manufacture Pineapple Cream Cookies, Orbit, Racie, Cosmos, and Deena.


The biscuits demand in the domestic market has been growing exponentially. Over the past few years, the demand has grown by 30 to 40 percent, while the exports increased by 60 percent. We have mentioned earlier that giant companies are holding the largest portion of the market share. This means smaller companies may find it difficult to survive in the long run. However, if the large companies focus more on exports, there will be a good chance that smaller companies may see growth. Besides, the biscuit exports will definitely help boost Bangladesh’s economy.

Source: United News of Bangladesh