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Tp Bangladeshi Golf Players of All Time

Bangladesh does not have any mesmerizing history in golf. But professional golf players in Bangladesh are trying their best to create some history. So far, only one golf player from Bangladesh has shed light on an international event. Siddikur Rahman is the man who created history for Bangladesh. However, there are some other players who are also doing good.

On that note, we have listed top Bangladeshi Golf players who have been giving some hope. Without further ado, let’s get into the details. As of March 2021, the following golfers have been carrying Bangladesh.

Best Golf Players in Bangladesh

Siddikur Rahman

Bangladeshi Golfer Siddikur Rahman came to the limelight in 2016 when he directly qualified for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. In that year, Rahman was in the top 60 in the professional golf ranking in the Asian region. He was the first-ever Bangladeshi player to qualify Olympics directly before Bangladeshi golfers needed to go through the wild card entry process.

Nicknamed ‘Tiger of Dhaka’ was born on 20 November 1984. Siddikur turned into a professional golfer in 2005 and later joined the Professional Golf Tour of India in 2006. After that, he gradually improved his playing and joined the Asian Tour in 2009.

In 2010, Siddikur Rahman won the Asian Tour event at Brunei Open and became the first-ever Bangladeshi golf player with that. The 39-year-old Bangladeshi golfer has attended 23 events so far and ranked at 893 in Official World Golf Ranking.

Md Zamal Hossain Mollah

Md Zamal Hossain Mollah got his first professional win in 2019 at ‘Bengal Open 2019 presented by Department of Tourism, Govt of West Bengal powered by Tollygunge Club.’ However, he started professional golf in 2011 but could not get enough pace to show some extraordinary performance. His second-best outcome came in 2018 at the BTI Open.

Golfer Zamal Hossain Mollah

Md Zamal Hossain Mollah, Bangladeshi Golfer

The victory at Bengal Open 2019 leveled up his rank at 614. However, his current ranking is 1455, with a total point of 0.89. To date, he played 20 events.

Md Akbar Hossain

Md Akbar Hossain moved up to professional golf from the amateur in 2018 at City Bank American Express Dhaka Open. However, he does not have any significant winning record but holds the 4th position in ranking among the Bangladeshi golfers.

Akbar Hossian’s best world ranking position was 1533, though he is ranked at 1784 currently. 2019 was an eventful year for Md Akbar as he participated in 9 events in that year. However, he missed cuts on seven of those games and finished T15 and T24 in the remaining two games. Considering his performance, Hossian can create some buzz in the coming years.

Golfer Md Akbar Hossain

Md Akbar Hossain, Bangladeshi Golfer

Md Sajib Ali

Md Sajb Ali entered professional golf in 2015 through Bashundhara Bangladesh Open. He has been playing consistently since the beginning of his career. Sajib Ali’s current Official World Golf Ranking is 1784, and his career-best ranking was 1323. He has 0.19 points currently.

Badal Hossain

Badal Hossain is another promising Bangladeshi golfer who started his pro career at Bashundhara Bangladesh Open in 2015. Since his debut, Badal Hossian played 20 events in total, and he played 13 of them in 2019. Badal has played a very few international events but has been active in local golf events. And, his most recent win came at Paragon Professional Golf in 2019. As of March 2021, Badal’s overall ranking is 1799, though his career-best was 1306.

Md Salim

Debuted in 2003, Md Salim was inactive for many years. He played regularly in the first few years but stopped playing after 2008. However, he came back to the course in 2019 at City Bank American Express Chittagong Open and missed the cut. Although he has not been playing regularly, Salim’s current ranking is 1821, which is based on his only game in 2019.

Md Sayum

Sayum started his pro career in 2011, but he has been super active for the last two years. Sayum participated in eight games in 2020 and 2021. He already joined Gujarat Open Golf Championship presented by Gujarat Tourism and Glade One Masters this year. However, he missed the cut at Gujrat but finished 56 at the Glade One Masters 2021. Sayum’s current ranking is 1821, while the best ranking was 1346.


Bangladesh has seen a new era in golf through Siddikur Rahman. But no other players were as talented as Siddikur. Although few other players seem promising, the Covid-19 pandemic stopped the flow among the players. Bangladesh has a long way to go in golf sports, and we hope that the country will dominate the Asian region in the near future.

Source: United News of Bangladesh