Tp 7 Truck Rental Apps in Bangladesh

If you’ve ever shifted your home or office, you probably know the hassle that comes along with it. From packaging to hiring people to move to make sure everything is safe and secure, the list of things to check simply doesn’t end. And to add to that, there is an added worry of managing a sizeable truck to move your stuff, which is one of the trickiest parts. With hardly any form of direct communication available with the truck driver or owner, a customer ends up paying way more than the actual fare in terms of transportation cost. However, several truck rental services in Bangladesh are working to address this issue. Let’s have a look at the best 7 truck rental services in Bangladesh.

Top Bangladeshi Apps for Hiring Trucks in 2021

Truck Lagbe

One of the pioneering companies to initiate a B2C platform regarding truck service was Truck Lagbe. Founded in 2017 by Anayet Rashid and Mir Hossain Ekram, the company had an effective solution to connect the customers directly to the truck drivers. The initiative soon gained popularity and it even won the Startup Challenge 2017.

The platform has been successful in providing the customer’s easy access to the truck as well as request them at a fixed price much like how Uber operates. This not only nullifies the need to bargain but also reduces unnecessary hassle.

Since its inception, the company has ventured more into the transportation side and it now provides transportation solutions for B2B as well as small SMEs. With more and more partner signups, the company was able to build a solid bridge between the supply and demand side. The app is available on both android and iOS platforms.

Shohoz Truck

Shohoz Truck is part of the popular ride-sharing and food delivery app Shohoz. The company was founded back in 2014 by Maliha M Quadir. The core principle of truck hiring stays similar to that of ride-sharing here. You can book a truck from their website or their mobile app and you will be matched with the closest available truck.

Shohoz has partnered with over 2000 truck owners that brought about 30 thousand trucks under their radar. This makes finding a truck easier than ever without any need for bargaining and negotiation. Just like Truck Lagbe, Shohoz Truck also ventured into the logistical support market. recently they have partnered with Paperfly delivery for logistical support.

Truck Kothay

Truck Kothay is another platform that is providing truck services in Bangladesh. The company started its journey back in 2014 around the same time as Shohoz Truck. Headquartered in Dhaka, the platform is a bit unique in its approach to clients. There are about 5000 trucks in their service. Rather than have the customer do the searching, the platform introduced a bidding system for the truck owners.

Here the customer would put up a request and truck owners can put their bid for the offered service. This ensures a competitive environment and the customer also gets the best price available. Truck Kothay also has been quite successful and its customer base has grown over time.

Goods In Motion

If you search for the best truck rental service in Bangladesh, the name of Goods in Motion or GIM comes to the top. Founded in 2018, the company is a relatively new one compared to its competitors. However, the company still managed to grab a considerable market share with its innovative and customer-centric approach. GIM is part of Jogajog Limited which has been working to provide logistical support for various companies.

Where most of the companies put the customer first and logistical ventures second, the GIM market strategy was to target both equally. As a result, the company saw quick success and in just 2 years, they have over 14000 vehicles listed on their site with over 3000 customers served. Due to their business-centric approach, the company was able to partner with businesses like Pran, BSRM, ACI, KSRM as logistics solutions.

The one-stop solution for all your daily necessities, has created a paradigm shift when it comes to integrating the business as part of a customer’s daily life. So it was only natural that Sheba would have their truck service as well. The company was founded in 2015 by Adnan Imtiaz Halim, Abu Naser Md. Shoaib and Ilmul Haque Sajib.

The initial idea was to focus on the daily necessities and expand the business as per necessity. The truck service offered by Sheba is a complete moving solution where they will pack, transport, and unpack your goods. The application will provide you with an estimated service cost and it generally doesn’t differ much from the actual one.


Trux24 ventured into the truck service market in 2019 as a startup. Since its inception, the company has focused to include more and more truck partners into their business to increase business efficiency. They even have an option to register your truck with them on their website.

If you are someone who’s hiring a truck for moving, the company has you covered as well. In addition to their truck service, they offer moving service as well. The best thing about Trux24 is that you will get one of the cheapest rates available once you book through them. You can book a truck directly through their website or through the app which is available in Playstore.

Truck Chai

Truck Chai is all about trucks. We mean that in a literal sense. Here customers can not only post about truck needs, but vendors can buy and sell trucks as well. Founded in 2017, the company has thrived due to its hassle-free customer support and ease of business use.

The company has a system in place that allows customers to post their needs along with load capacity. Based on that, truckers will bid for the service and the customer can choose their desired service. The process is simple and effective. And as we mentioned, there’s also scope for buying and selling trucks as well. You can order a truck from their website or simply get their app.

Bottom Line

The competitive landscape in truck rental apps has only made the businesses more customer and service-centric. This has helped to alleviate the overall experience of truck booking. Compared to the traditional means, a customer can now easily book and fix a fare without any sort of deliberation. With an ever-growing customer base, we can expect the businesses to scale up at a significant rate in the future.

Source: United News of Bangladesh