Tp 10 Best Car Racing Games for Android

Racing games have come a long way since their introduction to the scene at the arcades. From simulators to mobile phones, the genre has remained strong with realistic renditions such as GT Sport and Forza Horizon, or wackier concepts like Mario Kart and the Burnout series. Regardless of the platform, it appears that this archetype is here to stay; and the experience shouldn’t be any less thrilling over the phone – so here are the top 10 best car racing games for Android to grab now!

Best racing games for Android

Asphalt 9: Legends

Need For Speed and Grand Turismo are mainstays in the industry, but Asphalt 9: Legend’s transition to the Android platform gives mobile gamers the gameplay experience and car roster of an actual console. Choose from a large range of maps, game modes and play with your friends online! The controls are simple to grasp and require far less effort than it’s console counterparts – perfect for the mobile platform.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Not taking itself as seriously as other racing games on this list, Beach Buggy Racing 2 throws players into a beach setting with a plethora of tracks that offer different obstacles that players must go through while beating one another. Like Mario Kart, power ups and cart customizations are present, allowing each gamer to truly express themselves through their vehicles of choice. Many fun game modes are also available just in case you and your friends want to relax a little more.

GRID Autosport

Another PC Port that translates solid console-level mechanics into a handheld phone. With over a hundred cars and races to choose from, being spoilt for choices would possibly be the biggest hurdle when picking up the game.

Unlike other titles on this list, GRID Autosport primarily focuses on single player content, throwing out graphic restrictions that normally follow suit for online netcode. Despite costing a pretty penny, this game comes stocked with the base game, along with all downloadable content from its PC version.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Despite its namesake, the game is anything but a gruelling task. Hill Climb Racing 2 is a cartoony take on traditional racing games that is free to play and accessible to players of any age group.

It comes with all of the bells and whistles that any traditional racing game is packed with these days: A campaign, customisation for vehicles, online multiplayer, daily tasks and a decent selection of maps. It’s a side-profile racer that uses the extreme hills to throw racers off from winning the race with too much ease.

Horizon Chase

Back in the mid 2010s, this title was a stellar pick with a clear appreciation for its players. Being compatible with almost any type of game controllers, along with being backed by Android and NVIDIA, it’s difficult to turn this game down if you are in love with the genre.

At a small cost, players will have access to all tracks, cars and events available, while the free option does not starve players from content either. Certain stages and cars will be available in all modes – and does well to steer clear from the pay-to-play scheme that runs rampant in video games these days.

KartRider Rush +

Another cartoonish choice that gives casual players a chance to prove themselves without needing to be a veteran at the genre. Granted, there is a Ranked Mode available that should require some competition, but the game can offer other modes that can help you unwind such as Story Mode and Arcade Mode.

Much like other racing games on Android, players can customise their characters and cars. Overall, a fast paced game that should only be picked up if there’s no expectation for realism in its driving mechanics.

Mario Kart Tour

The genre-changing title itself: Mario Kart was one of the pioneers of casual racing and the epitome of a party game. Doing away with complex mechanics while adding classic characters within its own franchise, there was little reason for people not to give this a try. Now that the title has gone through multiple iterations and is readily available at your fingertips, get ready to race and unlock a myriad of maps and characters of old and new.

Thumb Drift

As its name suggests, Thumb Drift was designed for the mobile platform specifically and could be one of the most relaxing games to play in the market. While the graphics aren’t anything to shout about, the gameplay requires participants to drift around obstacles on the track with nothing but a thumb.

The sheer convenience this game offers allows this title to be the invitation for nongamers to try. Customization, track selections, and tricks are all available and are by no means a choice if you’re looking to satisfy the competitor in you. It’s fun and can be played effectively with one hand.

Real Racing 3

If Thumb Drift fits the most casual of audiences, Real Racing 3 drives right through the other end of the spectrum. The title was designed to emulate real-life driving to the best of its abilities over the phone. With real car brands and actual tracks that exist, this title borders on being a simulator for players to practice for real racing.

The multiplayer system is robust and its customizations are more precise than many other racers out there. Cost management and understanding of almost all car parts are needed for you to truly master this game.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

While technically under the racing genre, Motorsports Manager Mobile is for big-brainers who have a love for the racing scene. If you think you have the chops to manage an entire racing team, this game will satisfy your curiosities.

From pit stops to actually dealing with the weather, there will be hundreds of variables to consider when managing your team with the utmost realism. Hiring drivers and upgrading cars is part of the journey – if you just want mindless speed with little narrative, this title won’t have much for you.

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