Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Parents

The holiday season is coming, which means it’s time for the most intense shopping spree of the year. Even if Christmas isn’t your thing, it’s hard to dismiss the alluring discounts and limited edition goods available in the next few weeks. With this time being of the year typically spent with mom and dad, it can be tough to pull incredible ideas out of the hat consistently (especially with mother’s/father’s day and birthdays): so here are a few christmas gift ideas for your parents.

For Mom

Even if every mother vastly differs in gift preferences, you will definitely get brownie points for creativity. The epidemic has simmered down in some places around the world, but wearing a mask is still recommended when out and about. What better way to give her something she’d use everyday than to find a few organic cotton face masks? Depending on her fashion choice, you can easily zero in on a batch of three or five and get her a variety as she alternates between washes. It’s the furthest thing from a pricey gift, but she will know that this was anything but a sloppy idea.

Chargers can be aesthetically off putting at first glance and many companies have attempted to go wireless in hopes of making bedside charging as seamless as possible. A bedside smartphone vase is a fun take on a rather mundane gadget and doubles as a storage space for gorgeous bouquets. She doesn’t have to be a botany guru to take full advantage of this gift, but if plants have never even crossed her mind, you could double down and get her a fresh bouquet to make this gift even more personal. Best part is that this gift won’t hurt your wallet in the slightest.

Fashion, jewelry and makeup are highly specific to a woman and is best not to even consider if you are unfamiliar with her fancies to the letter. A safe alternative would be a Christmas gift set from The Body Shop. Sure, you may not nail her preferred fragrance perfectly, but these sets come with a wide selection of small gifts within that make it perfect for everyday refreshment. All you’ll need to do is find out the sort of scents she dislikes the most and choose based on the process of elimination. Once again, you will be getting bang for your buck with something extremely practical.

For Dad

It’s safe to assume that dads are incredibly easy going when it comes to gifts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in any effort. The pen is an extremely simple idea, but can cost a bomb depending on your choice – so be mindful about balancing the two! Showing class with something this practical will make him proud to use it; whether he is in his living space or at work. There are tons of brands out there and he may not have a taste for class, but if you want to find something he’d use almost everyday, this is one of the safest choices.

If your father is a fan of music, but tends to be out and about during his leisure time – a portable speaker would be a decent score. Playing music from the phone isn’t quite enough and a speaker that he can take around to fishing trips, camp sites or even at a sports facility can make all the difference. Granted, on the off chance that he is a couch potato, the speaker is perfectly viable and you could dabble with the idea of getting one that serves as a mainstay to the household. Price varies for technology like this, but rest assured there are portable options that easily cost below USD 100.

In the digital age, your dad may be heavily reliant on his phone; and there is a good chance that he will drop it eventually. When he does, it would be a nightmare to bring it for repairs – so an extremely protective phone case could give him the long-term security necessary. If he’s not particular in fashion or style, getting one from Otterbox or Rhinoshield could spruce up his device and add the benefit of being almost indestructible. These cases can go quite high in terms of price, but that would be an uncompromising quality since we are looking at high-end materials. Great thing is that he’d be reminded of you everytime he pulls out his phone to check his texts.

Source: United News of Bangladesh