Top 8 Ways to Pay the Utility Bills Online in Bangladesh

With the advancement of information technology in Bangladesh, people’s online dependence is also increasing. Most of the banks, including the mobile transaction in the country, are now going digital to provide their services. Bills for gas, electricity, water, phone, internet services, etc., are being paid online. Before, people had to stand in long lines to pay various bills. In the modern system, human time is being saved. Here we will discuss the different ways to pay utility bills online in Bangladesh.

List of the Ways to Pay Utility Bills Online in Bangladesh:

The rate of paying electricity and gas bills through mobile phones is increasing in the country. People in both rural and urban areas are keen to pay their bills using mobiles to save time, avoid line congestion and distance hassles. At present most of the banks provide internet banking services. Many also have mobile banking services, and online bill payment has now become easier under this service.


bKash payment system has made life easier. Usually, people used to pay the bill from the store via the bKash bill payment location. However, bKash has added the bill payment system in their app as well as via the USSD code. Different prepaid and post-paid bills of all electricity distribution companies across the country, water bills of all WASA, bills of almost all gas distribution companies, the maximum number of internet service providers, the maximum number of utility bills, including BTCL telephone bills, can be easily paid anytime from anywhere. For the bill payment, you can dial #247# or checkout the bKash app.

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Rocket and Nexus Pay

Rocket and Nexus Pay service is offered by the Dutch Bangla Bank, which has a payment gateway for electricity, gas, WASA, Telephone, and Internet services. Anyone with the Rocket or even the DBBL bank account can pay the bills via the mobile app. The Rocket bill payment option can be accessed through the Rocket appor dial *322#.


Nagad is a money transaction service from Bangladesh postal service. Although Nagad is a new in the market it has added the bill payment service. From now on you don’t have to wait in line to pay your electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet and other bills. No matter you are outside the home, you can pay your bills through the Nagad bill pay service whenever you want. Nagad USSD code is *167#, and you can use it if you don’t have a smartphone. However, smartphone owners can pay via the Nagad app.


It is an online payment system for mainly different businesses. But iPay also has a bill payment service for DESCO, DPDC, and different ISPs. They have a convenient app to make the bill payment procedure simple.


GPAY is the payment service from Grameen Phone. You can pay your water, gas, electricity bills using GPAY. You Just need to open an account to pay the bill via GPAY. They have partnered (and growing) with 14 utility companies across the country. GPAY is accessible via the gpay app and by dialing *777#.


RobiCash is an electronic system that allows you to make payments (utility bills, train ticketing, etc. from anywhere with your mobile phone anytime! With the help of your RobiCash M-Wallet or RobiCash Point or online platform, you can complete the transaction. RobiCash bill payment services include gas, electricity including prepaid, and smart metering and water bill. Anyone can pay via the RobiCash app downloaded from App Store and Play Store. Besides, Airtel customers can dial *400*1*1#, and Robi customers need to dial *787*1# to access RobiCash.


This is an online transaction service from United Commercial Bank. However, they offer bill payment service only for Titas Gas.

Online Banking

Currently, most banks provide internet banking services. Many banks also offer mobile banking services. Online bill payment has now become easier under this service. Most online banking services is providing various digital and secure payment solutions to the customers through branches and online. DPDC, DESCO, WASA, Titas Gas, Karnafuli Gas, and Sundarbans Gas bills can be submitted online through the banks online. Citibank, Midland Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Dhaka Bank, Islami Bank, Mercantile Bank, NRB Bank, and many more banks have various bill payment facilities via the Internet.

Pay Electricity Bill Online

Whether you want to pay DPDC, DESCO, or Palli Bidyut bill, there are many online bill payment solutions available, such as bKash, Nagad, Rocket, iPay, RobiCash, GPAY, and more. However, Teletalk users can also pay Palli Bidyut’s bill via USSD code. Nevertheless, DPDC bills can be paid via AB Bank, Exim Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, Prime Bank, South East Bank’s online banking system.

How to Pay Gas Bill Online in Bangladesh?

Citizens used to pay the gas bill via bank physically. Now, those days are over, and anyone can pay gas bills online via the different online money transaction systems we have discussed above. Besides, it will be known online whether the gas bill has been paid or not. To find out, you need to go to this ( address.

How to Pay WASA Bill Online in Bangladesh?

WASA started an online bill payment service in 2010. There is an opportunity to pay the bill by visiting the WASA website. Payment can be made through credit card or mobile banking. This allows any customer to pay his bill from anywhere. He does not have to physically go to the bank and deposit money. Apart from this, online mobile transaction apps also allow paying WASA bills.

How to Pay Telephone Bill Online in Bangladesh

BTCL phone bills can be paid via bKash, Rocket, Nagad app, and with some online banking system. You will find the payment option in the apps. You will need to specify the phone number, month and year, and day of the bill, along with the area code. While making the payment, you have to check the amount of the bill and give the PIN on the respective apps to complete the payment.

Whether you use Android or iPhone, generally all the online payment systems offer apps for the respective phones. You just have to search and find them on the App Store or Play Store.

Source: United News of Bangladesh