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Top 10 Must Watch Valentine’s Day Bangla Dramas in 2022

This year, Valentine’s Day is extra special as it falls on the same day as Pohela Falgun. Love and spring are in the air as Bengalis across the globe celebrate both occasions. To make the day even sweeter, different production houses produce special Bangla dramas. They add a new dimension to the festivities and many people often look forward to these. Like every year, several Bangla dramas are televised on different channels and YouTube. Let’s check out some of the best Valentine Day based Bengali Dramas in 2022.

Best Valentine’s Day Bangla Dramas for 2022


The first one on the list is Laaf from Bongo BD production house. Laaf is part of three Bangla dramas from Bongo BD on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Laaf stars Afran Nisho and Mehazabien in the lead role. This sweet rom-com drama also holds a strong social message. It’s the story of two suicidal people who end up saving each other and unbeknownst to them, falls in love. The drama is produced by Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu and directed by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. Rashat Rahman Zico penned the story and script for the drama. It aired on 13th February on RTV. But viewers can also enjoy the drama on Bongo BD’s official YouTube channel here.

Spy Love

The name might throw some people off but rest assured, it is a Bangla drama. Spy Love stars Apurba and Sabila Nur in lead roles. Viewers will have a laugh gag watching the lead pairs in this rom-com directed by Rubel Hasan.

The script is written by Mezbah Uddin Sumon and produced by SK Shahed Ali. The drama was released on 13th February and is exclusively available on CMV Productions Official YouTube Channel.

Fagun Theke Fagune

Fagun Theke Fagune is part of a series of dramas produced by Closeup. Every year Closeup features a number of dramas as part of the “Closeup Kache Ashar Golpo”. Fagun Theke Fagune stars Safa Kabir and Sudip Biswas Dip in the lead role. This can be an enjoyable watch away from the traditional rom coms.

The drama is directed by veteran director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury. Viewers can watch the drama for free at Closeup Bangladesh’s Official Youtube channel here.


This family drama is the Valentine’s Day special from Dhruba TV. Doi features the chronicles of Bengali curd in a family. The comedy-drama is screen-played, scripted, and directed by Kajal Arefin Ome. The ensemble cast includes Mishu Sabbir, Chashi Alam, Marzuk Russell, Ziaul Hoque Polash, Saraf Ahmed Zibon, Tamim Mridha, and others.

The drama was telecast on Dhruba TV on 14th February. But viewers can still watch the drama on the official YouTube channel of Dhruba TV here.

Year Mate

Year Mate tells the unique story of classmates falling in love and parting ways. The drama is one of three Valentine’s Day specials created by Bongo BD for RTV. The drama will air at prime time on 15th February 2022.

The drama is directed by Mahmudur Rahman Hime with the screenplay by Aboyob Siddiqui Medi and Iqram Hossain. It starts with Safa Kabir and Farhan Ahmed Jovan in lead roles. The drama will be available on Bongo BD’s official YouTube channel after its live telecast.

Ajob Prem

This drama is presented as a Valentine’s Day special by Bongo BD. The drama follows the story of Miraz and Hayat. As Miraz suffers from severe depression, Hayat shows up one day to turn his life upside down. But who is she? And where is she from? This is what makes the premise of Ajob Prem.

The drama stars Zaher Alvi and Mihi Ahsan as the star cast. It is directed by Nayan who also co-wrote the drama along with Arefin Alam. The drama is exclusively available at Bongo BD YouTube channel here.

Hot Patties

Hot patties tell the story of two seemingly incompatible people finding love in the most unheard way. The rom-com is directed by Shafayet Mansoor Rana with Sabila Nur and Salman Muqtadir in lead roles.

The drama is presented by Maasranga TV and aired on 14th February 2022. Hot Patties is also available on the official Maasranga TV YouTube channel. Viewers can check out the drama here.

Ar Theko Na Dure

The drama is part of the Closeup “Didhahin Kache Ashar Golpo” this valentine’s season. The drama is based on the story by Nadim Mahmud Shotej with direction from Raka Noshin Sarowar. It starts with Sunehra Binte Kamal and Irfan Sajjad in lead roles.

The drama is exclusively available on the Closeup Bangladesh YouTube channel here.

E Dekha Naeba Hoto

Valentine’s Day is all about the celebration of love and loved ones. But the stories of unrequited love are also unique and beautiful in their own way. E Dekha Naeba Hoto explores that in this year’s Valentine’s Day Special from Brikkho films.

The drama stars Safa Kabir, Manoj Pramanik, Sanjida Mim and Nipun Ahmed in lead roles. It is directed by Ashikur Rahman with a story and screenplay by Monirul Islam Rubel. The drama can be viewed at Brikkho Film’s official YouTube channel here.

Rocking Polapain

Rocking Polapain is this year’s Valentine’s Day special from Club 11 Entertainment. It features Fazlur Rahman Babu, Prottoy Heron, Rayhan Khan, Rashed Amran, Tanzim Hasan Anik, Ahsan Habib Niloy, Nipun Ahmed, Taufiqul Hasan Nihal in lead roles.

The drama features Prottoy Heron in the lead role. The YouTuber turned actor first got his online fame through parody songs and comedy skits on YouTube. He has been a regular face in the Bangla drama industry for quite some time now.

The story, screenplay, and direction of this drama have been done by Mabrur Rashid Bannah. The drama is exclusively available at Club 11 Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel here. Viewers can watch the drama here.

Final Words

These are the top 10 Bengali dramas for 2022 Valentine’s Day. Most of the dramas follow a romantic side of the story with some unique elements in them. Check these out as it is surely going to be worth the time.

Source: United News of Bangladesh