Top 10 Free Travel Games for Android, iOS

Make your boring travel exciting with online travel games for Android, or iOS. If you have in-car Wi-Fi access then you are a lucky one. Otherwise, you need to have a good collection of traveling games downloaded for offline playing to keep yourselves busy during the journey. Check out some amazing games that are downloadable and compatible with your Android and iOS to enjoy the journey.

10 best Travel Games for Android, iOS (Free)

Wheels on the Bus

TabTale released this game on Oct 11, 2011. It will be updated on 29 April 2021. The download size of this game is 17.17 MB. Its Play Store rating is 4.2.

This game is suitable for little ones as this app is a virtual activity center on the go. Mini-games of this app provide colorful, interactive, and educational fun that is flawless for passing a few hours in the car or the journey.

Download: Free on both Android and iOS.

Plates Free Family Travel Game

It was released on August 8, 2013, by Ebry Dobby. It was updated on November 16, 2018. The download size of this game is 18.34 MB. Its PlayStore Rate is 4.8.

You can pass countless hours on the highway with this game. Each person with this game can find plates from as many states or regions as possible before the trip is over. The person who makes the highest score by the end of the trip wins.

Download: Plates Free Family Travel Game for Android and iOS (Free).

What If

A Creative Endeavor AB released this game on September 16, 2013. It was updated on 14 November 2019. Its download size is 27.80 MB. The play store rating of this game is 4.6.

Here one person who runs the game on the phone can ask the question and either take the most poll from everyone in the car or ask one person each question in turn. This is the most fun part of the game when a majority of people who play the game agreed with your answer.

Download: What If is free for both Android and iOS.

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

Soft Motion Labs released this game on February 15, 2015. It was updated on 27 January 2021. Its download size is 8.40 MB. The Playstore rating of this game is 4.1.

The app includes a collection of huge classical fun games. Each person who wants to play these games just needs to install the app too and make sure they have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled.

Download: Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite for Android and iOS (Free).


Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games released this on May 25, 2013, and updated 28 January 2022. Its download size is 82.33 MB and its Playstore rating is 4.0.

The game is simple where the app shows you two pictures that represent a single word jointly. You can use the disordered letters beneath to spell out your guess. You can easily pass during a trip with this one-player puzzle. It is also a multiplayer game.

Download: Pictoword for Android and iOS (Free).

Fun Run 3: Arena

Fun Run 3: Arena was released on November 30, 2016, and updated on 2 February 2022. Its download size is 95.24 MB and its Playstore rating is 3.9.

Do you have a family data plan? If yes, Fun Run 3 is a total joy to play. The touch controls of this game are pretty simple. Just tap up to jump and down to slide. You will get more points at the end if you have a better place.

Download: Fun Run Free: Arena for Android and iOS (Free).


Seabaa released this game on April 1, 2015, and updated it on 25 October 2021. Its download size is 13.10 MB and its Playstore rating is 3.7.

It is a direct phone-to-phone game you can play with someone sitting next to you. Just install it with you and your friend on your phone. However, you both have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled.

Download: DUAL! for Android and iOS (Free).


Warner Bros. International Enterprises released this game on October 8, 2015, and updated it on January 3, 2022. Download size is 66.24 MB and Playstore rating is 4.1.

Though it’s great for holiday parties, it also fits for long car trips. It’s really awesome to play with friends or family, and it passes the time quickly. You can continue playing even once you reach your destination.

Download: Psych! for Android and iOS (Free).

Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

MOMEND released Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer on June 13, 2014, and updated October 13, 2017. Download size is 60.95 MB and Playstore rating is 4.1.

This game helps you keep head-to-head against your friend in a savage road chase. Here the racer player makes it to the end first, and the cop player gets ahead of the racer and cuts them off short of the goal.

The single-player mode is also available if you don’t have anyone to go up against. Download: Racers Vs Cops for Android and iOS (Free).

Battleships: Fleet Battle

Smuttlewerk Interactive released this game on August 1, 2013, and updated it on February 10, 2022. Its download size is 68.46 MB and its Playstore rating is 4.4.

You can play this game with friends; chat outside of matches. Need to have online or WiFi or Bluetooth enabled. It is possible to play on one device as a 2 player game. You can play it in standard, classic, or Russian mode. Need to place your battleships wisely; its goal depends on shooting your enemy’s battleships out of the water before they shoot all of yours.

Download: Battleships: Fleet Battle for Android | iOS (Free).

Bottom Line

Don’t make your traveling boring, just try these games and enjoy amazing and exciting family travel altogether! You can also play these games if you go on a long tour alone. These free online travel games for iOS and Android make your traveling time short and memorable.

Source: United News of Bangladesh