Top 10 Free Table Tennis Ping Pong Games for Android

Ping pong is a popular table sport, and hence one of the most played. And all you need is a particular table, some paddles or table tennis rackets and some balls. Table tennis is another term for ping pong game. This enables you to play with a minimum of two people. However, it can also be played on mobile devices, which is why we have compiled this collection for you. Here is a list of the greatest ping pong games for Android in order to help you find the one that entertains you the most. All are accessible for free on the Google Play Store.

10 Best Free Table Tennis Ping Pong Games


Pongfinity was released in 2019 by the Linnama Entertainment. The game has a 20.61MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.6.

Pongfinity is an unusual game in various ways, but particularly in one: it is infinite, as its name indicates. This game shines for its simplicity and strong dynamics, in which you must touch to go from one side to the other and slide to strike and return the ball to your opponent.

This table tennis game is also available on Android. It features locations and situations in which you must play and includes themes such as volcanoes, rainforest, and many more, which keeps it from being repetitive at any point and ensures that you are never bored by anything in the universe.

Tennis Clash

Tennis Clash was released in 2019 by the Wildlife Studios. The game has a 121MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.4.

Tennis Clash is another offline table tennis game. This is an excellent replacement for Table Tennis 3D. Additionally, the gameplay and control choices are the same.

You may choose the nation to represent in the game. There will be gamers from all around the world and various nations available to play with. You must beat all other players in order to reach the top. This game has adequate visuals and works without latency.

I’m Ping Pong King

I’m Ping Pong King was released in 2018 by the Orangenose Studio. The game has a 55.76MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.4.

Among the top table tennis games, this one is the most enjoyable and straightforward to play. The game has basic stick motions, plain colors, and standard visuals, but it’s more difficult than it seems. The controls are likewise straightforward, consisting just of a left and right button on the screen.

To be proclaimed Ping Pong King, you must overcome several characters and complete the task. This is an offline game that can be played at any time and from any location.

Australian Open Tennis

Australian Open Tennis was released in 2018 by the Tennis Australia. The game has a 40MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.4.

This game has two distinct game modes: Classic Mode and Adventure Mode. In these modes, you may play tennis or ping pong with a different theme and visuals. The game is easy to manage; just swipe right or left according to the direction of the ball. The game will get more difficult with time as the game’s pace grows.

Tennis World Open

Tennis World Open was released in 2019 by the Inlogic Sports. The game has a 59.23MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.3.

Apart from the traditional racket and ball table tennis, there are a variety of alternative table tennis games. One of them is Tennis World Open. The subject of the game is somewhat different from that of the others, but the objective remains the same. By striking the ball on his side, you must collect points and remove your opponent.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Virtual Table Tennis 3D was released in 2011 by the Clapfoot Inc. The game has a 4.78MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 4.0.

To conclude our roundup of the top ping pong or table tennis games for Android, we provide you with Virtual Table Tennis, another title that you are certain to like, both for its aesthetics and for the style of play.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this game is that it can be played in multiplayer mode with other players through the Internet or Bluetooth. Additionally, it is perhaps the most realistic game on our list, owing to its 3D visuals and rather a high degree of detail.

World Table Tennis Champs

World Table Tennis Champs is released in 2018 by the Nextwave Multimedia. The game has a 107MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 3.9.

World Table Tennis Champs is another ping pong game with some decent 3D visuals, pictures, and animations. And it is that this title offers a variety of game types in which you must fight several opponents, each more tough and talented than the last, forcing you to develop from the first game until you master the methods and become unbeatable.

Enhance your senses, response time, and reflexes as you unlock new 3D venues and situations. Ascend the leaderboards in order to claim the title of uncontested champion.

Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis was released in 2014 by the SenseDevil Games. The game has a 69.14MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 3.9.

Virtual Table Tennis is quite similar to the previous game, as are the controls. The only difference is in the visuals. This seems to be a genuine table tennis game, and it plays much more smoothly than the last one. You may play Single matches and choose the degree of difficulty. Here you may train, play arcade games, or compete in tournaments against other gamers.

Unlike the previous software, it includes a multiplayer feature for internet play. Users may also use Bluetooth to connect their gadgets and play with their buddies. Additionally, it enables play via Google Play and with worldwide online gamers. You may choose from a variety of bats. It may be unlocked via tournaments and rewards or purchased from the game shop.

Table Tennis 3D

Table Tennis 3D was released in 2013 by Giraffe Games Limited. The game has a 32.32MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 3.8.

Offline play in this game is available in three modes: League, Tournament, and Arcade. In this game, users must choose a nation to represent. With these many modes, you may engage in friendly matches, fight for world cups, or work your way to the top. Additionally, you may train in several difficulty settings to enhance your skill. The controls are straightforward; you just maintain your finger on the racket and slide it across the screen to aim the ball.

Ping Pong Champion

Ping Pong Champion was released in 2015 by the Giraffe Games Limited. The game has a 45.08MB download size. It has a Playstore rating of 3.6.

Ping Pong Champion is a table tennis game similar to Ping Pong, but with unique visuals, characters, and game styles. There is a career mode, mini-games, international competitions, and over 50 levels to explore. It enables you to customize the players according to your preferences and to upgrade their capabilities.

On the left side, there will be a meter that you may utilize to time your shot optimally. Additionally, you may play multiplayer online and ask your friends to form a team through Facebook. It has several degrees of difficulty and corresponding reward money. Be the champion of table tennis by defeating your friends and other teams.


Ping pong games for Android provide you the opportunity to enjoy the joy of table tennis on the go. The games also help you develop your table tennis abilities as you go through the levels. The games featured above are popular and enjoyable. Consider them and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Source: United News of Bangladesh