Top 10 Brain Training Games for Android and iOS

Games are a great source to kill time and boredom. Thanks to smartphones these days, access to different titles has become easier than ever. But most of these games are just pastimes that don’t add much value or utility. But what if it could? There are productive games out there that help to increase memory as well as cognitive and critical reasoning. Let’s look at some of the most popular memory-improving games to make a casual hobby effective and productive.

Best Brain Training Games to Improve Memory and Logical Reasoning Power

Most of the games mentioned in this list are free to play. However, some of the games are paid and some have an in-game purchasing option to unlock new features.


Lumosity has been developed by Lumos Lab. It is a cognitive training game aimed at developing a few critical brain functions. The game primarily focuses to develop, attention, memory, and critical reasoning.

At the start of the game, there is a specific 10-minute game that determines the level of the player. This allows the player to see changes in real as they progress in the game. There are about 40 different types of games within Lumosity that can be played randomly. All the games are supported on the free version. For $15 a month or $80 a year, a player can access the full feature of the game. The game can be played through both iOS and Android devices.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

What if there was a brain exercise game designed by the neuroscientists themselves? That is exactly what Cognifit Brain Fitness brings to the table. This app has a series of engaging and addicting games to get the players hooked to it.

Just like Lumosity, there is an initial quiz to determine the level of the player. Depending on that, the in-game difficulty levels are set. A total of four games are free to play. The players need a $13 subscription or $120 a year to access all the features. You can play the game through both Android and iOS.


Peak is a unique game on this list. It is unique in the sense that this brain training game can map the performance of different parts of the brain. Each part of the brain is designed to perform a specific task. The games are designed in such a way that it tests the ability of each part and develop a performance map based on the score. There are over 30 games in total. However, only a handful are available on the free mode. There is a $3.99 monthly subscription to access the full version. The game is available for both iOS and Android.


Cognito is another puzzle game developed based on a storyline. Unlike other games, this app doesn’t have individual games rather it focuses on global spy missions that will test the player’s intelligence and understanding to develop their cognitive reasoning.

Each mini-game or mission is developed to work and train the brain. The game is free to play but a $5.99 subscription drops a lot of development data and new missions.


Elevate is a similar brain training app developed by Elevate Studios. This game plays on the critical and cognitive response of a person and how they perceive minor and major changes. There is a total of 30 plus free mini games in this app. Each app is unique in its own way as it focuses to measure and develop each key brain function. There is a $5.99 monthly subscription to access the full version of the game. It is available for both the leading mobile platform.

Good Sudoku

Puzzle games have long since been associated with developing brain functionalities. There is clear reasoning that the more a person gets better at problem-solving, the better their cognitive and critical reasoning gets. As a result, games like Sudoku are a perfect deluge to get the brain running.

The game has been designed by Zach Gage with both beginner and advanced players in mind. It helps the player get better with techniques and tutorials. That in turn triggers brain training. The game is accessible through both Android and iOS platforms.


One of the most highly rated games on the iOS Appstore, the Blackbox is another app with a series of puzzle games. The game has been developed by Ryan McLeod. What stands out from the beginning is the stunning graphics of this game. It shows that the game has been meticulously engineered to be pleasing to the eyes as well as enjoyable to play. The game is listed on the editor’s choice in Appstore and has won an Apple design award. There are over 78 different puzzles to solve. The game is free to play and is available on the iOS platform exclusively.

Monument Valley

Most of the games in this list are either puzzle on concentration-based games. While the monument valley game is still a puzzle game, it has some unique features to it. The game has been developed by Ustwo games. It follows the story of a princess who the player needs to guide through the endless and puzzling tower.

There has been a sequel to the game after the huge success of the first one. The relaxing pace combined with stunning graphics easily makes this one an amazing game. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


This is a fun little app that works to develop the memory of the player. Eidetic uses repetition at certain intervals to help easily memorize anything. It’s not just any normal brain training game. Rather it has a sleek purpose and meaning to allow the player to unlock your brain functionalities.

The game is free to play and is available for the iOS platform.

Fit Brains Trainer

This app is like a gym for the brain. It has over 360 different types of puzzle games that test different cognitive functions of the player. As the player progresses through the stages, the difficulty of the puzzles gets tough.

Alongside playing, the game keeps track of the performance and development of the player. The game is free to play and is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Final Thoughts

Games are a unique way to train the brain as it is something that we often enjoy. In a constantly fast-paced world. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 games to sharpen your mind. These games can assist you to bring new meaning to self-development and productiveness even through a hobby.

Source: United News of Bangladesh