The Bangladeshi man who stole mobile phones & ‘hearts’ for a living!

Every time he would steal a high-end mobile phone or an expensive bike, he would lay a honey trap. And over the years, as many as 26 victims walked in and even tied the knot with him. Such was his overpowering influence on the women he picked up, as well as their family members.

On Wednesday, police arrested 37-year-old Babu Sheikh, a resident of Faridpur district’s Bhanga upazila, just as he was about to marry his 27th victim — a woman from Akoter Char.

In fact, cops zeroed in on his gang while investigating multiple cases of thefts that were recently registered at the Bhanga police station. The latest police complaint was filed on January 3 by a man named Mizanur, whose bike, laptop and mobile phone were stolen.

First, cops picked up 32-year-old Abul Khayer Matobbar, son of Abu Bakkar, from Jandi village on Tuesday in connection with the thefts. Following Abul’s confessional statement, they arrested Babu on Wednesday.

Sub-inspector Mohammad Azad said, “During interrogation, Babu confessed to stealing mobile phones and bikes. He would sell the stolen phones in the local market after changing their IMEI numbers. With the money he would get from selling the stolen items, he would spend on his marriage.”

Over the past 10 years, he married as many as 26 women. “Babu used to target women belonging to poor families. Taking advantage of their poverty, Babu used to con the family members after promising them to give them Tk 80,000-1 lakh,” said SI Azad.

However, no stolen items have been recovered from Babu’s possession, said the police officer. Both Babu and Abul were produced in a court on Wednesday and “we are seeking their remand for three days for further interrogation”, he added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh