Thank you Bangladesh: US

The United States has thanked the government of Bangladesh for its tremendous efforts to ramp up production of personal protective equipment and deliver those to the US during the early stages of the COVID-I9 pandemic before they really could get their feet underneath.

“It’s a little-known fact but I had the chance to thank the Bangladeshi Government,” said US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen E Biegun during a telephonic briefing on Tuesday.

He said Bangladesh did it before they really could get their feet underneath to produce this kind of important protective equipment for their medical professionals.

“And we owe a word of gratitude to the people of Bangladesh and to their private sector for having moved so quickly to advance this,” Biegun said.

In a landmark , Bangladesh joined the select group of countries that manufacture world-class, large-scale Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by shipping 6.5 million PPE gowns to US brand Hanes, for ultimate delivery to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

During his recent visit to Bangladesh, the US Deputy Secretary of State discussed close cooperation with Bangladesh in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bangladesh and the US discussed their “invaluable cooperation” in combating COVID-19, the impressive results that the government here in Bangladesh has achieved, and US work together on producing and rolling out important protective equipment and also medicines in the near future, ultimately with the hope of close coordination and cooperation on the distribution of vaccines once one is found to be safe and reliable.

Biegun said he had a chance to thank Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the generosity of the Bangladeshi people and the support of the Bangladeshi government in providing shelter for the Rohingya people.

He also discussed with the Prime Minister as well as Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen how they can cooperate in order to try to find a resolution to the Rohingya crisis.