Tesla Smartphone Model Pi: Leaked features, release date

Elon Musk is known for his intelligent and insane nature to all tech lovers. He has given proof of intelligence many times. He is the person who sees the end of something once it comes to his mind. Now, he is launching a phone; that is what rumors say. Tesla cars have already taken place in the world market. Rumors have started that now Tesla is bringing a phone named ‘Pi.’

Tesla’s Pi phone may have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It will use satellite-based 5G technology. In other words, a Pi phone can use the internet through satellites in space! Further, Musk’s current ongoing project Starlink is building that platform. Now, the Pi phone might connect with Starlink in the space platform as a useful device. The biggest advantage of a Pi satellite phone is that there will be no problem getting a network anywhere. The network will be available in any inaccessible area of forest, hill, sea. As the satellite does not interrupt with any weather related problem, there will be no problem in the communication of this phone even in the difference of day and night. Although the exact release date is not available yet, the phone might get released in 2022 in the USA.

Let’s get to know the details of Tesla’s Pi phone.

Features of Tesla’s Pi phone that Everyone is Talking About

There is no official news about the specifications of this phone. But it is assumed that the phone will surely come with all the common components such as 1-2 terabytes of storage, at least 16 GB of RAM, 6.5-inch AMOLED display, superior camera, and more. However, there will be some additional features that are yet to be offered by any phone company! What are those? Well, read on to know them.

Satellite Internet

SpaceX’s space-based Internet service, Starlink, will be available on Tesla phones. There are even rumors that Tesla will use phones to set up bases on Mars. But to make this a reality, they will need to avoid relying on bulky antennas while also making sure the satellite phone works perfectly. However, it is rumored that the Pi phone will work great on Starlink base or the buildings that have a Starlink base. Moreover, it will also work on Tesla cars.

Vehicle Control

It is also rumored that Pi can also be used to control the Tesla car’s basic functions such as locking and unlocking the car, media playback, summoning the car, and more. However, the phone must use this app to avail all those features. So, it is assumed that the phone will come with this app preinstalled.

If Tesla phones do not have the built-in Tesla app, it may have an operating system feature for easy access via external buttons or even the lock screens (if they really bring the phone). Tesla phone users will also get exclusive features in the Tesla app about the cars.

That being said, Pi will be able to use all the Tesla car’s features with complete freedom. Due to security concerns in Apple’s phone, the features in the phone’s app could not be fully enjoyed.

Solar charging

Since the phone will be used in space, it will also come with solar charging features aside from charging on a car or other power source. It is rumored that the Tesla Smartphone Pi will be provided with a special phone case that will be capable of solar charging.


Nowadays many smartphones already offer AI features as well as powerful cameras that can brighten up the low-light ambient or night sky. The technology will be further advanced in Pi. By virtue of the extra-terrestrial focus of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Tesla Smartphone will achieve groundbreaking improvements. Tesla Pi phones will have unprecedented features such as taking images of astronomical objects.

According to the rumor, the back of the Tesla phone will have a 108-megapixel camera with 4 lenses. In order to take pictures of something with low light, the current phones in the market take lights for a long time before clicking for the snap. But on a Pi Phone, you will be able to take pictures of the dark sky without any kind of long exposure. This will be the favorite item for astronomical photographers.

Cryptocurrency Mining

There is a rumor that Tesla’s Pi phone will have cryptocurrency mining features. As Elon Musk is a supporter of cryptocurrency, it is not surprising to have this feature on his own phone. It is also rumored that Tesla’s Pi phone will mine a new type of cryptocurrency called MarsCoin.

Neuralink Support

While the idea of a computer automatically communicating with another computer through the brain still seems sci-fi, Neuralink has already started working on this technology. Neuralink is working on the first neural implant that can be used to control any computer or mobile device just by thinking through the brain. For example, someone wants to watch YouTube videos. For this, the person doesn’t have to operate by hand, and he will just need to express his desire to run YouTube; it will continue to run on the phone. Maybe the Pi phone made by Elon Musk will have the built-in technology of his company Neuralink.

Operating System

It is assumed that the Tesla phone will first run on the Tesla-branded version of Android. If the rumors are true, then the implantable brain-machine interface will be seen soon.


Elon Musk’s product means brand, so the price will be higher. However, the phone will be priced, keeping in mind the competitor’s price. It is expected that the price range of Tesla Smartphone Pi will be around $800-$1200 (BDT. 68746.71- BDT 103120.07). The conversion rate $1= BDT 85.93. However, the exact price will be known after the release of the phone.

Final Words

According to the rumor, Tesla’s Pi phone will come with all those astonishing features we have mentioned throughout this article. So, it creates reasonable doubt whether the phone will have all those features or not. Is it really possible to have such a phone? Would it not be a modern fairy tale? However, Tesla already has some proven experience in other sectors. So, the Tesla Smartphone Pi may bring a dream come true.

Source: United News of Bangladesh