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Tensions spill over clash between AL factions in Kushtia; 25 injured

At least twenty five were injured in Kushtia in a clash between two groups of Awami League over a Facebook post on Hefazat’s leader Mamunul Haque.

The incident took place on Monday morning in Upazila’s Jiarkhi area.

According to local sources, a dispute was long going on between the ward Awami League’s current president Azizul Haque and former president Ahsan Sardar.

Recently Jiarkhi Union’s Shecchashebok League president and a supporter of Azizul Haque posted on Facebook against Hefazat’s leader Mamunul Haque.

Some of the supporters of Ahsan Sarder commented in favour of Mamunul Haque in that post and mocked Shariful Islam as ‘Narendra Modi’s son’

Over this issue a friction started on Monday and soon the scene turned into a battleground of throwing brick chips at each other.

Several houses of both parties’ members were vandalized and looted too.

Additional police have been deployed in the area to control the situation.

Among the injured, Saidul, 40, was sent to Dhaka with severe injuries and another four were admitted in Kushtia General Hospital.

Local AL secretary Azizul Haque said Ahsan Saradr’s men attacked them, supporting Mamunul Haque.

Meanwhile, Ahsan Sardar claims Azizul’s men attacked his men and their house labeling them to be Hafazat’s supporters.

At least twelve of his supporters got injured in the attack, said Ahsan Sardar.

Source: United News of Bangladesh