Technology development is big challenge for post-LDC Bangladesh: Japanese Envoy

Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ito Naoki has said innovation and technology development will play a key role in coping with new challenges as Bangladesh graduates from LDC status soon.

He made remarks at a webinar jointly organized by the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Robot Olympiad recently.

Takahashi Tomotaka, CEO, ROBO GARAGE.Co. Ltd delivered a lecture at the webinar on “The Creation of a New Robot Era, said the embassy on Monday.

Ambassador Naoki said Tkakahashi’s works inspire young students to realize new avenues in high-tech engineering and its practical application in Bangladesh.

In his lecture, Takahashi, the well-known Japanese robot creator, showed the video of a robot astronaut KIROBO in the mission on board the International Space Station.

The world’s best-selling humanoid, ROBI, and Guinness record holder Evolt were also introduced.

He demonstrated his creation, RoBoHon, a robot smartphone, which talked and danced; and emphasized the significance of curiosity and fun to survive the era of robots and AI.

Mentioning that nowadays, most inventions start from fun, he hoped young students would focus on their curiosity and fun as the most important things. “Innovators should enjoy with fun.”

Professor Dr. Lafifa Jamal, President, Bangladesh Robot Olympiad Committee, moderated the webinar.

She hoped to extend research and technical collaboration between Japan and Bangladesh and work together in the time of the 4th revolution in the field of technology.

As requested by Bangladesh Robot Olympiad to visit Bangladesh for an in-person lecture, Takahashi positively responded that he would like to visit Bangladesh once the Covid-19 situation gets better.

Students, researchers, teachers, engineers were present among the participants.

Source: United News of Bangladesh