Take action against dishonest drug rehab institutions and doctors: Speakers

Participants in a meeting urged the government to take action against dishonest institutions and doctors who are doing business in the name of drug addiction treatment.

The network members of Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Network (Sanjog) also called to end the confusion and propaganda over drug addiction treatment services while addressing a view exchange meeting at Dhaka Ahsania Mission Health Sector office in the capital.

President of Sanjog Iqbal Masud said the drug problem in Bangladesh started in the 1990s and the problem has taken a serious turn at the present time and one of the reasons for this is that Bangladesh is being used as one of the corridors for international drug smuggling for a long time.

“Treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependency is a complex issue. This is because drug addiction causes a person to have physical, mental, behavioral changes that sometimes cannot be cured by a single treatment,’ he added.

He also said, even the treatment of drug dependency is not just a psychiatric issue, the treatment of drug addiction is a comprehensive effort, and there is a need for psychiatrists as well as counselors, skilled former drug addicts and other individuals.

“No matter where we look at different parts of the world, every drug addict goes through a different kind of problem and complication. So the treatment varies according to the type of patient. An integrated team is involved in the treatment of drug addicts and through the efforts of all, a drug addict is recovered,” he added.

Masud said due to lack of professionals, proper training about the treatment and various misconceptions among the people, the rehabilitation centers are not able to provide proper treatment.

“Some organizations run by dishonest people and doctors are embezzling millions of taka in the name of treatment of drug addiction. Side by side, government support should be provided for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Therefore, in the current context, it is necessary to identify the culprits and punish them without spreading confusion,” he also said.

Masud further added that they have been working in unison with the ‘Zero Tolerance Policy on Drug abuse’ announced by the Prime Minister. In addition, Sanjog is providing skill-enhancing training to drug rehabilitation providers. The cooperation of people from all walks of life in the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Sanjog General Secretary Shahbuddin Chowdhury Sumon, Treasurer Kamruzzaman Shaheen and other members also spoke there.

Source: United News of Bangladesh