Study in France: Scholarship Opportunities and Overview for Bangladeshi Students

The land of culture, manners, elegance, and art – adjectives fall short to define France as a nation. The quintessential art capital of Europe offers a mix of traditionality and modernity unlike any other. And as such, every year thousands of students flock to France for higher education. Thanks to their government and regional policies and scholarships, it is now easier than ever to study in France. And that applies to Bangladeshi students as well. Here is a detailed overview of French scholarships available for Bangladeshi students to pursue their higher education.

Study and Living Cost in France

Over 300,000 international students are studying in France currently which makes it a diverse cultural hub. Historically France had a very low tuition fee. But the French government recently increased the tuition fees in 2019. Still, the tuition fees are some of the lowest in entire Europe.

An international student can expect to pay 2770 euros annually for a bachelor’s degree which is roughly 2,70,000 BDT. For the master’s program, the annual fee is 3770 euro which is around 3,65,000 BDT. However, the tuition fee for a doctorate is pretty low at just 380 euro which is around 37,000 BDT annually.

But the living expense is much higher compared to their tuition fees. Depending on the cities, the expense can range anywhere between 10,000 euro to 15,000 euro. If a student lives in Paris, the cost can get even higher. A Bangladeshi student should have the ability to spend at least 9,70,000 BDT to 14,50,000 BDT annually. Of course, much of this cost can be covered with part-time jobs and scholarships. But the problem with the French government is that a student must be able to show that they can support their education and stay in France without any work or scholarship. Which roughly translates to at least 1000 euro or 97,000 BDT per month.

Types of Scholarship in France

As mentioned above France is a robust multicultural destination for foreign students. Due to the increasing interest in its education, the French government took different initiatives to support incoming foreign students. The different types of student scholarships in France include:

The French Government and Research Institution Scholarship

This scholarship is directly supported by the Government of France. However, this scholarship is technically limited to students who are already living in France. In addition, the direct government allocation, there are different national research organizations like CNRS, IRD, and ADEME. These research organizations directly partner with qualifying universities and provide scholarships for masters and Ph.D. students. The university themselves offers different tuition reductions and a full-ride scholarship to qualified students.

Regional Authority Scholarships

Different regional localities and town authorities provide scholarships to aspiring foreign students in their region. These scholarships are based on academic excellence for the undergraduate level. For masters and Ph.D., research-focused grants are provided in relation to the above-mentioned development institutes.

The Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship

This scholarship is more commonly known as the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. This is one of the most prestigious scholarships out there. Every year only a select few international students receive this scholarship to pursue their masters in different EU countries. However, the catch is that this scholarship isn’t exclusively for France. Students receiving this scholarship will have to study in at least another university in a different country to complete their degree.

Scholarships in France for Bangladeshi Students

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

This prominent scholarship from the French government is the most competitive and prestigious in France. It is a fully-funded opportunity for students aspiring to pursue their masters and Ph.D. at different French universities. All the costs including tuition and healthcare and living cost are covered as part of the scholarship. Every year about 350 to 400 international students receive this prestigious scholarship. More details can be found in the official link of the scholarship.

Source: United News of Bangladesh