Stock market witness a massive fall on Sunday after Russia attacks Ukraine

Dhaka stocks exchange (DSE) witnessed a massive price fall on Sunday amid a rush of selling pressure due to global tension rising after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The benchmark index of the DSE fell 163 points, or 2.38 per cent, to 6,676 at the end of the exchange on Sunday, the lowest in the last 2 months.

Analysis of the daily exchange situation shows that at the beginning of the week, 365 companies or 96 per cent stock fell. The investors’ participation in the stock saw a dried up position with the day’s turnover stood at Tk 916.28 crore.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) also witnessed a fall or eroded on Sunday. A total of 304 companies’ shares traded on the day of which 284 dropped prices, only 9 gained and 11 remained unchanged. The CSE lost 490 point (2.45 per cent) to 19500.

The country’s capital market passed the 3rd week in February on a one-day rise and a three-day downward trend. During this week’s trading, the index and the share price of most companies was downward.

As a result, the capital of the country’s main capital market DSE investors lost their capital in the 3rd week, the same situation was seen in the transactions of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE).

According to the DSE data, during the week (February 20-24), the transaction on the DSE was Tk398.79. The previous week’s transaction was Tk5 98.12 crore. In other words, the transaction decreased by Tk1989.23 crore during the week, which means stock price decreased by 33.17 per cent.

Of the 392 stocks and units traded on the DSE in the fourth week of February, 73 rose, 296 declined and 16 remained unchanged. Shares of five companies were not traded.

Source: United News of Bangladesh