Sheikh Selim slams US for sanctions on RAB

Senior treasury bench member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim on Thursday harshly criticised the US for what he said imposing sanctions on eight former and current officials of the elite force RAB ‘intentionally’ without any evidence.

Participating in the general discussion on a thanksgiving motion on the president’s speech, he also said the US police should be banned for gunning down a huge number of people every year unlawfully.

Selim said BNP, founded by Ziaur Rahman comprising the anti-liberation and the defeated force of 1971, cannot accept Bangladesh in any way even after 50 years of its independence.

“They (BNP) carry out false propaganda against Bangladesh abroad. The US has imposed sanctions intentionally on the eight officials of Bangladesh’s smart law enforcement agency RAB, but it (US) can’t show any evidence,” he said.

The veteran politician claimed that no one has been killed by Rab unnecessarily and there is no such evidence. “RAB perhaps opened fire in self-defense when they came under attack.”

He said the US used to raise its voice in favour of human rights and speaks against extrajudicial killings. “But many people have been subjected to extrajudicial killings by the police in the US.”

Between 2013 and 2019, Selim said around 7,000 people were killed by the US police and no trial was held for those incidents.

Referring to a report of the Washington Post newspaper, he said the US police shot dead 1,028 people only in 2019. “The US police should be banned for killing people unlawfully without any trial. After that they should look at others.”

Selim also said the US always takes positions in favour of criminals, not in favour of the victims.

He recalled the US role in favour of Pakistanis who carried out the mass killing of Bengalese in 1971.

The senior MP also alleged that the US has taken a position in favour of the dastard killings of Bangabandhu along with many women and children on August 15, 1975. “They did not even put any killers on the black lists. They rather supported the government of killers Mushtaq and Ziaur Rahman.”

He also said Rashed Chowdhury, one of the killers of Bangabandhu, has still been staying in the USA and they are not handing him over to Bangladesh despite repeated requests. “This is your (US) politics. The type of your democracy and human rights will one day get exposed before the world community.”

The senior Awami League leader said the evil force of BNP and Jamaat has been conspiring against the country by appointing lobbyists.

He said BNP leaders have become very cheerful following the US sanctions on the RAB officials. “Why have you become so happy when anything bad happens to Bangladesh? I want to make you remember that the US banned your leader Tarique Zia on November 3, 2008…Tarique Zia will never be able to go to the USA. See your own face in the mirror.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh