Shaky school building in Gaibandha poses risk to students

The students of Asaduzzaman Girls High School and College in Gaibandha district town, have been attending their classes amid fear due to the dilapidated condition of the school buildings, thanks to the negligence of the authorities concerned.

The authorities concerned said the matter was brought to the notice of the higher authorities several times but no initiative has been taken yet.

The school was established in 1966 at DB Road in the district town on one acre area and in 1968. The two-story building was built then.

In 2003, the authorities concerned opened a college section in it. In 1996, the government built an one-story building under the Department of Education Engineer. Later, the authorities of the school constructed the first floor over the building.

There are 1050 students in the school and 350 students in the college. Besides, 20 teachers are providing lessons to the school students while only 11 teachers are available at the college.

The school authorities have identified the school building as risky in 2008 and as years passed on, the plasters of the roof and walls often fell off, creating panic among the school students.

During the rainy season, water enters the classrooms from the roof due to swampy walls.

In 2016, two classrooms of the school building, situated in 1968, were abandoned while five classrooms of the building were identified as risky.

Besides, three more classrooms of the school building were declared abandoned in 2008 while six more were identified as risky by the school authorities, forcing students to attend their classes amid fear of collapse.

Ashfia, a class X student of the school, said cracks have developed in many parts of the school building and they are often scared to attend classes.

Rony Mia, a guardian of Munshipara, said “My daughter is the student of the school and I remain worried after sending my child to the school due to its dilapidated condition.

Many guardians don’r allow their children to attend the classes regularly, he said.

Shaky school building in Gaibandha poses risk to students

Mrinal Kanti Sarkar, a teacher of the school, said “The building is too risky to use. We are attending the classes after putting our life at risk and the government should take immediate steps to save the life of the children. Though we sent letters to the authorities concerned in October last and the local MP and Deputy Commissioner visited the school after getting the letter.”

Acting principal of the school, Idris Ali Sarkar, said “The main building of the school is unsafe for students due to its shaky condition Many students are reluctant to attend classes.”

He also urged the authorities to take steps for the infrastructural development of the school.

Source: United News of Bangladesh