Seafood restaurants in Dhaka to remind you the taste of ocean


Seafood, especially fish, has been an integral part of the traditional Bengali cuisines for generations. The influence has been so profound that it became a part of cultural celebrations in Bengali New Year and other festivities. Besides the traditions, seafood has become increasingly popular to the food connoisseurs in recent years. Following this trend, multiple seafood-oriented restaurants and startups have appeared in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka city. Here is a list of those top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Dhaka city.

Innovative Seafood Restaurants in Dhaka

Seafood items aren’t as readily available as other oriental cuisines. The scarcity of the produce, as well as the niche target market have somewhat made these restaurants exclusive in their own right. As a result, expect to shell out a premium price for most of these restaurants.

The Manhattan Fish Market

The global restaurant Manhattan Fish Market is currently available in 11 countries including two restaurants in Dhaka. The restaurants are conveniently situated in Dhanmondi and Banani, two social and business hubs of Dhaka. Manhattan Fish Market happens to be one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Dhaka. They brought continental items like fish and chips and grilled seafood items. Their items include seafood pasta, platter, grills, and appetizers. Expect to shell out 800 to 1000 BDT for a meal here. Visit their Facebook Page to check out what else they are offering.

The Holy Crab

The Holy Crab is another international seafood restaurant chain situated in Gulshan. The place specializes in Louisiana-style seafood items. Almost all of their seafood products are imported from abroad. Their specialty dishes include different items of crab, shrimp, sea bass, and premium lobsters.

The southern seasoning combined with a dash of local spice makes each of their items unique in their own right. This upscale diner will be sure to provide a fine dining experience with the ambiance and the cuisines.


Saltz is situated at the heart of Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka. This premium restaurant specializes in European-style seafood items. Their menu is divided into soups, appetizers, main dishes, surf and turf, beverages, and desserts. Whether it is the Turkish-inspired shrimp kebab or seafood Tagliatelle, the items are a delight for the taste buds. In addition to the regular seafood items, the restaurant also serves steaks and other meat gourmet items curated for the local taste. Expect to shell anywhere between 500 – 2000 BDT per person for the fine dining experience. Check out their website for more details.

Cloud Bistro

Situated in Panthapath, this restaurant offers some of the best aerial views of Dhaka city. This is not an exclusive seafood restaurant per se, rather a mix of oriental, continental, and fast-food cuisines that incorporate seafood as well.

From sea bass to red snapper fillet steaks, they have a wide range of seafood main dishes. The price range for each of the items ranges from 700 to 1500 BDT. They also have a delectable seafood appetizer menu to prepare for the main dish. Their website has all the details regarding the menu and cost.

Fool’s Diner

This proprietary restaurant is situated at the center of Banani near the Pink City shopping mall. The first thing to notice inside is the rustic setup. It will easily transport the diners to the late 80s of Dhaka. They have a wide range of authentic Thai and seafood items. The restaurant is especially known for its sushi platter and seafood pad thai. All their items are reasonably priced. Diners can have a satisfying meal without breaking their bank here. Their Facebook Page has more details on the menu and reservations.


Looking for authentic Korean dishes? Koreana is the best bet. The restaurant is situated in Gulshan and offers some of the best Korean seafood items in Dhaka. Their diner’s favorite seems to be the seafood soup coupled with sticky rice.

The place offers Korean-style stir-fried squid which is a rarity in Dhaka. There are also fried and braised fish items served with Korean side dishes and condiments. The place is reasonably priced considering their authentic approach to Korean cuisines. The detailed menu is available on their Facebook Page.


Izumi is a Japanese restaurant situated in Gulshan. They bring the authentic taste of Japan to the people of Bangladesh. The restaurant has an amazing assortment of seafood items. Diners can try the range of sushi available. Some of the best items include Chilean fish and scallop sushi, maki mono, and tempura. The restaurant sources all its fresh produce locally every day. As a result, quality is guaranteed in every meal. This upscale diner will cost well over 1000 BDT per person for a full meal. Check out their Facebook Page for more menu details.

Fish & Co

Fish & Co is a Singapore-based international chain of seafood restaurants operating in Bangladesh. The restaurant is situated on Gulshan Avenue. As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about fish, from fish and chips to pomfrets, red snapper, and salmon, they have it all. They have different platters as well as standalone fried fish items that the diners can try. The price is on the upper side since it is an international chain. Expect to spend anywhere between 1000 BDT to 1500 BDT for each person here.


Samdado is another Japanese restaurant situated in the greater Gulshan area. Just like Izumi the restaurant also focuses on authentic Japanese cuisines. Seafood lovers can try their nigiri sushi and sashimi items. There are also temaki rolls coupled with Samdado special prawn items.

For a more gourmet experience, the restaurant also has seafood bento boxes. Price here is on the upper side as the restaurant offers some of the best fine dine experience in Dhaka. Their Facebook Page has a detailed menu.

Ohana Diner

Ohana Diner is a new restaurant that opened recently in Dhanmondi. This restaurant is all about seafood. Their soups and appetizer, main course, and platters are all seafood-centric. This restaurant offers some of the most diverse range of seafood available in Dhaka. Some of their highly-rated dishes include Spicy Bay Crab, Grilled Lobster, and Creamy Salmon with mashed potatoes. The price here is also reasonable. Expect to spend around 500 to 1500 BDT per person for a proper dine-in experience. The detailed location and the menu can be found on their Facebook Page.

Final Thoughts

Seafood dine-in places are slowly picking up the pace in Dhaka. A few years ago, there were a handful of choices. Now diners have a lot of options in their hand. There are numerous restaurants in Dhaka who serve seafood. But considering price, ambiance, and food quality, these 10 Seafood Restaurants in Dhaka stood out of the rest.

Source: United News of Bangladesh