Sacking of 3 KU teachers: Teachers’ Network demands removal of decision

These three teachers expressed solidarity with a student movement in 2020.

The protest took place at the Anti-Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture of Dhaka University (DU) at 12pm where teachers and students of different departments and institutions expressed their concern.

Dr Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan, professor of DU’s international relations department, said: “One of the expelled teachers was on maternity leave and the other was in the hospital.”

“However, the Vice-Chancellor Mohammad Fayek Uzzaman tried to prove her physical fitness by managing false certificates from the civil surgeons only to justify his own decision. However, the decision must be withdrawn by February 7. Otherwise, we will take a tougher stance.”

Rushad Faridi, assistant professor of DU’s economics department, said: “The incident of Khulna University is nothing new but the continuation of a regular happening. We failed to fulfil the duty that people wants us to perform.”

“It is deplorable that Fayek Uzzaman, who does not understand the significance of a university, became a vice-chancellor. He says the university is not a place for politics as if he does not know that the state is a political institution,” said DU’s mass communication and journalism department Professor Robaet Ferdous.

“The main duty of a university is to teach its students to ask questions. And if the authorities do not make the right move, we will go to Khulna and surround the vice-chancellor’s building.”

Tasneem Siraj Mahboob, associate professor of DU’s English department said, “The indifference of teachers bothers me more than anything. They have to remember that the fire that engulfs our neighbourhood will come to ours very soon.”

“I will call on all teachers to join us and protest against the culture of fear. If we do not protest the irregularities and corruption, what will we teach our students?”

Earlier, Khulna University syndicate decided to sack Bangla Discipline Assistant Professor Abul Fazal, Bangla Discipline Lecturer Shakila Alam and History and Civilization Discipline Lecturer Hoymonty Shukla Kabery allegedly for supporting students who waged a movement for lowering tuition fees, improving health service facilities, and solving accommodation crisis.

Source: United News of Bangladesh