RIP Maradona! The sudden death that shocked Bangladesh celebrities

Not only the sports world, many celebrities across the globe, including in Bangladesh, are struggling to reconcile with the sudden loss of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona.

From India’s Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to the iconic British rock band Queen to Bangladeshi filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and Dhallywood heartthrob Shakib Khan, the tributes to the football great keep getting more heart-wrenching.

In his condolence message, internationally award-winning Bangladeshi filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooki wrote on Facebook: “With him, a big part of my childhood is gone! I was never a fan of Argentina! I was actually in the opposite camp to be precise. Our job was to spread hatred when it came to any Argentine player. But secretly we had this uncontrollable crush on him! Secretly we knew there was no one like him.”

“He was the Porsche among a legion of low tech mass cars. He could change the course of a game single-handedly. He was magical, crazy, angry, and divine! And last but not the least, he was the REBEL! Goodbye, Maradona! It was hard not to love you! #maradona #diegomaradona,” he added.

Dhallywood superstar-cum-producer Shakib Khan also mourned the football legend’s untimely death on social media: “May his soul Rest In Peace. One of the greatest footballers ever I saw. He was the Best of the Best. #DiegoAmandoMaradona #Legend.”

Actor Arifin Shuvoo, who made his debut on silver screen with the 2010 Bangladeshi sports drama film based on football titled ‘Jaago: Dare To Dream’, shared his curt condolence message: “Goodbye Magician. RIP.”

Khijir Hayat Khan, the writer and director of that film, shared an image of the famous jersey number 10 that Maradona wore in his football career, saying: “RIP DIEGO ……You refined LEGENDS”.

Siam Ahmed, another heartthrob who has recently been signed for the Swadhin Bangla Football Team-inspired movie ‘Damaal’, also echoed similar sentiments. “Rest in peace….. Legend,” he wrote on social media, tagging an image of Maradona holding the 1986 World Cup.

Popular actress Jaya Ahsan bid farewell to the iconic soccer-star, with a one liner: “Goodbye, the prince of football.”

Through a long yet profound eulogy, popular actor-singer Chanchal Chowdhury shared his fond childhood memories. “Maradona is a name that has been synonymous with the golden memories of our childhood when I was in school. He is no more. The nostalgia is taking me back to those days, when I used to have notebooks printed with his image on the cover. It is impossible to make everyone understand what exactly I am going through right now.”

“There was only one television set in the chairman’s house of our village. We used to stay awake the whole night during the world cup season and watch the matches on that battery-run black and white television. Uncountable and unforgettable memories. Good bye, Maradona. May his soul rest in peace,” the actor wrote on his Facebook.

TV personalities also expressed shock at Maradona’s sudden death.

“2020 would be the year where we lost most of our Gems. Diego Maradona had been the one & only Football Rockstar this world has ever seen. What a talented player he was, what a lifestyle he had and how successfully he put his country ‘Argentina’ on the World’s Map!” was renowned TV director Ashfaque Nipun’s message on social media.

Actor and popular food-vlogger Adnan Faruque Hillol wrote from his YouTube channel’s official Facebook page: “The flamboyant ‘mad’ footballer has left us. I still remember my crazy experience as a fan during the year of 1990, when I bought the Argentine jersey number 10 that Maradona made famous – while driving my father crazy in search of that in the market. Rest in Peace Legend.”

Sharmin Sultana Sumi, the vocalist of popular Bangladeshi band Chirkut, wrote on Facebook: “Departure of the magician of football. Rest in peace, the man who made our childhood colourful.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh