Retired postmen to become Nagad entrepreneurs

All postmen or bearers of the Directorate of Posts can now become uddokta (entrepreneurs) of mobile financial services (MFS) provider Nagad upon their retirement.

Nagad has taken up a scheme to provide a guaranteed income opportunity to the retired postmen.

One has to apply to Nagad through the respective post office to become an entrepreneur. Nagad will provide overall support to these new uddokta, starting from branding to technical issues.

Nagad Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk said, “Retired postmen can spread the service of Nagad in the remotest part of the country as our representatives. Because of the initiative, they can stay at work even after their retirement, and can earn extra money.”

At present, the number of Nagad entrepreneurs is 2.42 lakh. According to the latest data, there are 9,886 post offices across the country, employing almost a similar number of postmen.

A significant number of postmen retire every year. In most cases, they have no work after that.

Source: United News of Bangladesh