realme Buds Air Pro TWS with Active Noise Cancellation: Is it worth it?

From time immemorial music is an inseparable part of human life. The heavenly power of tunes not only refreshes a human-mind; but also relieves the soul from stress temporarily. However, you can’t fully enjoy the melodies, rhythms, and harmony of music without an efficient pair of earphones. Realizing this need the trendsetter Smartphone brand realme has launched realme Buds Air Pro. If you are a music enthusiast, read this article to know realme Buds Air Pro review and price in Bangladesh.

Whats Does realme Buds Air Pro Offer?

True Wireless Stereo (TWS)

Responding to the need for efficient wireless headphone solutions, realme has applied TWS (true wireless stereo) technology in realme Buds Air Pro. Now, what is TWS or True Wireless Stereo? It refers to a specific technology that allows the user in pairing two audio devices via Bluetooth, which means that the user can transmit both the L (left) and the R (right) channels independently. Application of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) mechanism enhances the quality of sound. This advanced TWS has many exciting features to offer.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANS) Technology

What makes the ‘realme Buds Air Pro’ stand out from competitors? These earphones are blessed with realme S1 intelligent noise cancellation chip. This customized chip features Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology (ANS) that can easily detect unwanted noise from both inside and outside the ear.

And, all of these unwanted noises (up to 35dB) are canceled by high-precision anti-noise waves emitted by the ANS mechanism. Therefore, you can enjoy music ignoring vehicle sounds as well as the other annoying rackets around you. Furthermore, these buds are equipped with Dual Mic Noise Cancellation for calls that allow the user to enjoy more engaging conversations removing the outside sounds.

Efficient Bass

You may know that Good bass enriches the sound quality of headphones. realme Buds Air Pro sports a 10mm bass boost driver that can deliver deeper, and more impressive bass. What is more? In the latest realme Buds Air Pro, realme has applied the Bass Boost + technology along with an enhancement algorithm. It will certainly improve the audio-experience of the listeners.

Transparency Mode

Besides offering physical noise cancellation, the latest realme Buds Air Pro has Transparency Mode that allows you to listen to any ambient sound through a single click. It means you can listen or talk to other persons without taking off the earbuds. Certainly, this technology makes these buds handier for music lovers.

User-friendly Design

Thanks to realme for the ergonomic design of realme Buds Air Pro. Weighing only 5g, each bud comes with a soft and comfy silicone ear cap. These highly portable buds can comfortably sit on the ear-cavity of any person. The clever design prevents falling off of the buds no matter how swiftly you walk, run or dance. These skin-friendly buds also feel comfortable even after long-term usage.

In addition to these, realme Buds Air Pro features IPX4 water resistance that prevents the buds from getting damaged by sweats, raindrops, and splashing.

Better Audio-visual Experience

The S1 Chip assures mind-blowing pairing technology. When the charging case gets open, this technology can detect the Buds and connect them instantly. The ‘Smart wear’ technology detects when the Buds are removed from the ear. And, the music or video gets paused automatically. So, you won’t miss a moment while listening to music or watching a video.

In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable connection even in the presence of multiple devices within a 10-meter radius.

Do you enjoy online gaming? The realme Buds Air Pro can be your best buddy to wear during virtual gaming. With the amazing 94ms Super Low Latency, the buds can deliver real time audio-visual experience through perfect sync. During the crucial moments of the game, the latency and lags are reduced by simultaneous transmission allowing no sync errors. Superb Battery Life

Are you worried about the battery life of these lightweight earbuds? Don’t worry! The realme Buds Air Pro devices offer 3 hours of playback support only for a 10-minute charge on the provided charging case. By virtue of its S1 chip, realme Buds Air Pro delivers superb power-efficiency.

The case is capable of storing 486mAh power that can provide a massive battery duration of 25hrs. You can music listen for up to 20 hours with the buds, even after enabling the ANC (active noise cancellation) technology. It takes about 2 hours to charge the case fully; while the Buds can be charged in 1 hour only.

realme Buds Air Pro price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Apple Ear Pod, consider realme Buds Air Pro. With the combination of some astonishing technologies such as TWS, ANS, Transparency mode, Bluetooth 5.0, Smart wear, and tremendous battery-efficiency, these earbuds will certainly deliver astonishing performance. Your music listening or movie watching experience will be nothing like ever before.

realme Buds Air Pro is currently available in Bangladesh at an attractive price. To grab this product, go through the following link:

Source: United News of Bangladesh