Rangpur worker dies after air pumped through rectum

A worker of Jamjam Feed Mills died on Friday after his fellow worker pumped air through his rectum at Dewantuli in Mahiganj of Rangpur.

The victim was identified as Mohid Uddin, 55, a worker of Jamjam Feed Mills.

Mahiganj police said workers were cleaning up themselves with a dustbuster on Tuesday afternoon when one of his fellowmen, Rashidul, inserted its pipe into Mohid’s rectum.

The victim fell sick as his abdomen got inflated and was admitted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital where he died later.

Meanwhile, Roshidul went into hiding.

In 2015, a boy, Rakib Hawlader, from Khulna was killed in the same way as his former employer inserted a high-pressure air pump nozzle into his rectum at a motor workshop, sparking outrage all over the country.