Provide info on Aedes larvae: DSCC mayor to city dwellers

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh today urged city dwellers to inform municipal authorities about Aedes mosquitoes so that they can take necessary steps to free their homes of the menace.

“We cannot reach the rooftops of your(city dwellers) buildings. So if you(residents) watch stagnant water, either clean it by yourselves or inform us and we will clean it,” he said while visiting Dhaka match factory colony area to observe the water logging situation on a regular weekly visit.

“Inform us if you know the breeding sources of Aedes mosquitos in your surroundings as it is impossible for us to locate and destroy them all by going home to home,” he said.

Besides, 27 mobile courts of the DNCC on Wednesday sued 27 individuals and collected a fine of Tk 2,16,500 as they found conditions conducive to the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes on their premises.

Sources within Dhaka North City Corporation confirmed the news to UNB.

Similar drives are also going on everyday in South Dhaka too.

Ten mobile courts of the DSCC on Tuesday fined owners of 24 under-construction buildings and houses Tk 3.31 lakh over the matter.

Source: United News of Bangladesh