Project Hilsa: Largest restaurant in Bangladesh with elegant interior, pricey food

Project Hilsa, the largest restaurant of Bangladesh, has been trending on social media. On that note, we will discuss Project Hilsa, including its menu, location, transportation, and more.

What is Project Hilsa?

Project Hilsa was not known until late May. It became popular when someone posted a review on different food review groups on Facebook. Project Hilsa is an expensive high-end restaurant, which was launched on May 27. However, it is claimed to be a world-class restaurant by its founders.

Who Founded Project Hilsa and Its Location

Bangladesh’s renowned export-oriented garments company, ‘Ever Group’ built Project Hilsa restaurant in Shimuliya, Munshiganj. It is located 500 meters from Shimuliya Ghat, by the main road; hence, it is easy to find as you head towards the Padma River.

Design, Structure, and Area

From the outside, the restaurant looks like a whole Hilsa. Inside, it has a variety of different lighting systems and all the other modern facilities. Both the exterior and interior design aesthetics of this restaurant will keep you captivated. Although the restaurant looks beautiful during the day, its real beauty is revealed at night.

According to Prasanjit Roy, manager in charge of “Project Hilsa,” the restaurant covers an area of ​​about 40,000 square feet. More than 300 people can sit and eat here together. There are more than 80 staff for customer service.

Source: United News of Bangladesh