Pro-liberation campaigners to celebrate India’s recognition of Bangladesh Monday

A platform of pro-liberation campaigners will hold rallies across the country Monday to celebrate India’s historic move to officially recognise Bangladesh on December 6, 1971.

One Bangladesh – led by university teachers – will arrange rallies at 25 educational institutions across the country.

Just 10 days before the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, India had recognised the country on December 6.

The campaigners will carry banners, festoons and placards featuring invaluable contributions of India to end one of the worst genocides in history unleashed by the Pak Army during the nine-month war and help Bangladesh become independent from the occupational forces.

Bangladesh and India will commemorate December 6 as “Maitri Diwas” or Friendship Day, showing that the emotional bonds stemming from the invaluable contribution of the government and the people of India during the Liberation War of Bangladesh remains a “dominant factor” in shaping bilateral ties.

Teachers, free thinkers, and other professionals will take part in the rallies scheduled to begin at 4pm at campuses of different educational institutions, said Professor Rashidul Hasan, president of One Bangladesh.

India was one of the first countries to establish bilateral diplomatic ties with Bangladesh.

Maitri Diwas has been commemorated in 18 countries around the world apart from Dhaka and New Delhi.

Other countries are Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Qatar, Singapore, the UK, Australia, France, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, the UAE and the US.

Source: United News of Bangladesh