Prices of daily essentials soar in kitchen markets

Although the government claims that the country has enough food reserves, the prices of daily essentials are rising in the kitchen markets, triggering unbearable sufferings to the city dwellers.

Prices of vegetables or other goods continued to rise in the past few months as floods and coronavirus came as double trouble in the agriculture sector of the country.

As the prices of essentials continue to go up in the city’s kitchen markets, lower- and middle-income people, already grappling with the fallout of the pandemic, are the worst sufferers.

To minimize the suffering the government has been selling some goods including onion and potato, but the situation already turned grim for working class people of the society.

A UNB photojournalist captured the situation of Kawran Bazar, the largest kitchen market in the capital on Tuesday to visualize the crisis.

A buyer picks a gourd.

A vendor preparing potato and onion for sale at Kawran Bazar on Tuesday.

A destitute woman foraging among rejected vegetables for edible.

A retailer weighing potatoes for sale at Kawran Bazar on Tuesday.