President’s Victory Day appeal for cooperation and positivity

President Abdul Hamid on Tuesday sought the cooperation and positive change of attitude to take the trend of development forward.

“The cooperation and positive change of attitude of all is needed to take this trend of development forward. Only then will the country become the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu’s dream,” President said in a congratulatory speech on the occasion of Victory day on December 16.

He said that a democratic government has been established in the country today. With the relentless efforts of the government, Bangladesh is advancing in every socio-economic index including health, education, women’s empowerment besides achieving continuous economic growth, he also praised.

Mentioning Independence as the best achievement of the Bengali nation, Hamid said the goal of our independence was political as well as economic liberation. The father of the nation started working to achieve that goal. But with the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu on 15 August 1975, that momentum of development came to a halt.

Democracy must be institutionalized and a culture of absolute tolerance and mutual respect must be developed to ensure the benefits of freedom to the doorsteps of the people, he added.

He said Corona epidemic has brought human civilization to the brink of one of the worst disasters in history. Bangladesh is coping with the Corona situation successfullyUnder the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

Hamid also urged the people to follow the health guidelines properly to win the Coronation War.

Source: United News of Bangladesh