Potato retail price to be fixed within 2/3 days, says Tipu Munshi

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Thursday said that government will fixed retail price of potatoes with within next two and three days.

He came up with the information while speaking to reporters after an exchange of views meeting with newly-appointed Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Vikram Kumar Doraiswami in his office at the Secretariat.

The minister said the agriculture ministry has decided on the price. The price of cold storage potato was Tk 35 to 40 on Wednesday. It is being sold at Tk 28 today which was fixed Tk 27.

“We are very optimistic. In the next two to three days, the price of potato in the retail market will come down below the price fixed by the government,” said Tipu Munshi.

Government is making efforts to reduce prices. Commerce Ministry does not control this, it is controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture, said the minister.

“We have come with the intention of selling potatoes in the market at a price of Tk 25 through TCB for the cooperation of the consumers,” added Tipu Munshi.

Regarding onion crisis, the minister said that Government wants to make Bangladesh self-sufficient in onions in the next three years.

“We want to reduce the dependence on India on onions. Onions are produced in India and Bangladesh at the same time. Last time India stopped exporting onions last year and this year also. When in our country, when the price of onion was Tk 250 per kg, the price of onion was 150 rupees in India. However, we have learned that they can stop exporting onions at any time when they need,” said Tipu.

“We need to give importance on self-service so that we need not to be so much dependent on India or other countries,” he added.

Government is importing onions from Turkey, Egypt, China and Myanmar as India has stopped exporting onions, he said.

However, it costs Tk 45 per kg to bring imported onions to Chattogram port. For that it cannot be sold in the retail market for less than Tk60 to 65, said the minister.

“I think the price of onion will not be below Tk 55 per kg untill next year,” he further added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh