Pitha sales surge as winter nears

Winter cakes (pithas) are very popular with Bangladeshi people. Different types of pitha are made during the year in Bangladesh. But the winter season is the best season for making and having different types of delicious pitha. The best time to have pitha is in the foggy mornings and evenings of winter.

There are many traditional pitha items in Bangladesh. Pati Sapta Pitha, Vapa Pitha, Kuli Pitha, Chitoi Pitha and Teler Pitha are the most famous pithas in the winter season. Every winter season, pitha makers are bustling with hundreds of customers in the Shantidham area of Khulna.

Nuruzzaman Nur, a seasonal Pitha maker of Khulna makes pitha for customers every winter season. This year is no different. He has already started to sell Chitoi pitha for almost 15-20 days.


“Every year I sell different types of pithas in the winter season. Per piece Chitoi pitha is Tk 5 and sales are quite good,” Nuruzzaman said.

Private service holder Mamun said Nur is a good pitha maker and his pithas are tasty. “I buy pithas from him every year,” he added.

People from all walks of life gather to eat pithas in the evening at different places of the city. More than 100 temporary pitha stalls have been installed in Rupsha Ghat, PTI Mor, Dolkhola Mor, Shishu Hospital Road, Tarer Pukur Par, Picture Palace Mor, Clay Road, Moharaj Chattar Road, Station Road, Kodomtola Road, Khan Jahan Ali Road, Sonadanga Bus Stand, New Market, Khalishpur, Daulatpur, Rail Station areas of the municipality. Stall keepers are busy serving the customers with hot pithas.

For launching this business, no big money is needed. Anyone can start this business with a little money, said businessmen. Not only that, they use pieces of waste wood or dried twigs of trees as fuel, that also minimize their cost. Some of them use gas cylinders.

Another pitha seller of Sonadanga Mor’s Abdus Salam said customers came to him to eat various tasty pithas he made. “I made Pati Sapta, Kuli, Chitoi, Khijano and Teler Pitha. The quality of my Pithas is good and prices are quite low,” Salam added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh