Phone Factory Reset Process: Android and iPhone

Phone factory reset means going back to that shiny interface with fast performance. It is time to factory reset the phone when the device is showing some unfixable issues. Besides this, factory reset becomes obvious when you have determined to sell the phone. In addition to getting the phone back to its brand new form, the benefits of factory reset include fixing bugs in the phone, getting rid of unwanted apps and dangerous malware. So let’s get to know how to do a factory reset of the phone.

What to do before phone factory reset

This reset wipes the phone clean and tidy, so everyone should make sure that all the necessary data is backed up. It can be checked out if the files are copied on any other device, portable hard disk, or the cloud.

Cloud applications have made this kind of task much easier now than ever before. Important files can now be accessed from multiple devices without any Pendrive or cable.

Apple, Microsoft, and Google have become more cloud-centric in this decade. With Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive, data can be backed up to the cloud from anywhere.

It is important to keep a backup of regularly used apps. In this case, the cache files can be checked.

Downloading large files from the cloud depends on the speed of the Internet. In this case, copying to an external hard drive may be faster and easier than that to Dropbox or Google Drive.

How to factory reset Android phone

Android has its own backup system under System, Advanced, and Back-up, in the Settings option. They store all device settings, including contact numbers, messages, and even Wi-Fi passwords.

The phone must be plugged in at the beginning of the factory reset and the charging process should not be interrupted. Users need to go first to Settings and click on System, Advanced, Reset. It will show the data that Android is going to delete. After clicking on Erase All Data, the PIN code will be asked on the lock screen. After giving the PIN number, pressing Erase All Data again will start the reset process.

How to factory reset iPhone

iPhone uses iCloud for backup. First, the users are required to go to settings and select iCloud by clicking on the username. Then different apps will be shown. From here, the backup process can be started directly by pressing iCloud Backup.

To avoid any interruptions in the reset, it is best to plug in the Apple phone and keep it in charging mode. Then the users have to select General, Reset and Erase All Content and Settings from Settings. Now it is time to enter the user’s Apple ID and passcode. At this time the phone bearers have to double-tap on Erase iPhone. After resetting the iPhone, the interface will return to its previous setup screen.

Everyone should be careful about resetting the phone through recovery mode. If the Google accounts from the device aren’t removed, factory reset protection will be turned on during factory reset through recovery mode. So in the case of selling the phone, it is better to remove the Google accounts and lock the screen security before performing a hard reset through recovery mode.

Source: United News of Bangladesh