People to change govt in New Year: BNP

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday hoped that people will get united in the coming year, 2021, to bring a change in the government.

“This year is set to end. Let’s all have the same resolve for unity in the next year,” he said while speaking at a demonstration programme.

The BNP leader said, “We’ll establish a true government of people through a credible election by removing the current monstrous, autocratic and dictatorial government. Let’s unite to achieve that goal.”

As part of the party’s countrywide programme, Dhaka south and north city units of BNP arranged the programme in front of the Jatiya Press Club marking the second anniversary of the 11th parliamentary election day.

BNP’s all city and district units also observed the similar programme demanding a fresh national election cancelling the results of December-30, 2018 polls.

Fakhrul called upon all political parties and the people of all walks of life to get united to ‘restore’ democracy in the country. “The struggle to protect democracy is not only a matter of BNP. All the political parties and people must be united to oust the current regime.”

The BNP secretary general also demanded the release of party chairperson Khaleda Zia and the withdrawal of ‘false’ cases against their party’s 35 lakh leaders and activists.

He alleged that law enforcers obstructed their party activists on their way to Press Club for joining the demonstration programme.

“We’re very saddened and ashamed fo seeing our leaders and workers being obstructed from joining this programme. A huge number of law enforcers have been deployed around this rally. I also get ashamed when I hear the Prime Minister saying the country is doing very well because they have established democracy,” Fakhrul observed.

He said December 30 is the most scandalous day in the political history of Bangladesh as the state power was grabbed for ‘restoring’ one-party rule by holding a ‘controlled’ election ‘using’ the state machinery ‘annihilating’ democracy, the main spirit of the Liberation War. “This’s a day of shame and disgrace for us.”

The BNP leader alleged that the Awami League has destroyed all the achievements of Bangladesh and its electoral system and economy by ‘usurping’ the state power. “They’ve turned Bangladesh into a kingdom of plundering.”

He also criticised the current Election Commission saying it lies all day long. “People laugh when they hear the Commission says very beautiful and wonderful elections are held. People now can’t go to polling stations.”

Fakhrul said the Election Commission has been arranging votes using EVMs by which the results can be manipulated.

He also slammed the government for what he said its failure to tackle the coronavirus situation.

Source: United News of Bangladesh